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Office of the Vice President for Research

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Weekly Research Update Special Edition: SC Nexus Receives Federal Tech Hub Designation

SC Nexus for Advanced Resilient Energy named official Tech Hub by the White House

This week the Biden-Harris administration announced the designation of 31 Tech Hubs, in regions across the United States. South Carolina’s SC Nexus for Advanced Resilient Energy was selected for the designation from nearly 400 applications. Combining the research power of the university with our colleagues in SC higher education and state government, along with industry partners, the SC Nexus hub seeks to improve the clean energy supply chain in South Carolina. Together, the SC Nexus consortium will bring jobs, commerce and economic growth to the state. Read more: 

USC is ready and eager to work with our SC Nexus partners to secure South Carolina’s future as a global leader in the energy industry. The innovative technologies we develop will ensure the availability, resilience and security of advanced energy resources for our state, nation and world. Furthermore, by building a robust community of innovators and entrepreneurs in SC Nexus we will keep our top graduates in South Carolina and strengthen the state’s future workforce.

University of South Carolina President Michael Amiridis
Read President Amiridis’ August 2023 opinion article: Why South Carolina is coming together to develop a new sustainable energy tech hub


Breakthrough: The power of our people

As a key contributor in the SC Nexus consortium with unique strengths in energy research, USC boasts a diverse group of faculty researchers working to generate dynamic energy solutions for the state. In the Spring 2023 issue of Breakthrough, the Office of the Vice President for Research released an article detailing the people behind an effort to develop sustainable energy methods across South Carolina. Interdisciplinary research at USC combines policy expertise with the innovation of engineers and geographers to create inventive resource management tools for the state’s energy grid. Read the article here and see how far they have come. 


Semiconductor institute paves way for efficient energy use

USC’s new research institutes are laser focused on solving SC problems. The Institute for Extreme Semiconductor Chips will make strides to produce viable resources for energy efficiency and sustainability, right here in Columbia. This initiative positions USC to support SC Nexus as the future of energy innovation unfolds in South Carolina. By supporting the grassroots-level research of our acclaimed faculty, both Vice President for Research Julius Fridriksson and University President Michael Amiridis hope to see impactful research flourish and benefit the state and eventually grow far beyond our borders. Dr. Asif Khan’s Extreme Semiconductor Chip Lab is just one of the initiatives working to achieve this goal. 


USC engineering research on batteries and alternative fuels drives innovation

Researchers in the College of Engineering and Computing have made major advances in battery and alternative fuel technology in recent years. These innovators have received funding from major federal agencies like the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation to develop new energy sources for practical applications. 


Thank you to South Carolina state and federal officials for championing SC Nexus

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