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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kristen Urban: a Successful Undergraduate Researcher

Kristen Urban has started her research career as an undergraduate student in the Shustova group, where she has been working for three years on novel corannulene-based materials for lithium batteries. Although Kristen started her project with no previous research experience, an onlooker would not be able to tell due to her motivation and professionalism. In the Shustova laboratory, Kristen has gained expertise in basic synthetic techniques and more sophisticated Schlenk technique, which allows her to manipulate air- and water-sensitive compounds. Her ability to perform these studies put her far beyond her fellow classmates. She is now an expert in a variety of the purification techniques including sublimation and Soxhlet extraction procedures. Based on her outstanding performance, Kristen has received the prestigious Magellan Scholarship. Furthermore, she has been accepted into 5 top dental schools of the country including the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Visit the Arnold School of Public Health's website to learn more about Kristen and her career pathway.

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