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Love is in the Air

College of Pharmacy Couples Share their Love Stories

Posted on: February 13, 2020

Whether it’s the amount of time students spend together, the shared interests in learning about medications, or something completely different, love and marriage seem to go together for many University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy students. To celebrate the day of love, Valentine’s Day, we asked a few married couples who met in pharmacy school at UofSC to share their #UofSCPharm love stories.

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How I Met Your Mother

Skip (’75) and Jerry (‘76) Ghantt

"Back in those days, the pharmacy school was located on the corner of Sumter and Greene Street. There were only a few classrooms and I’m sure Jerry and I walked past each other for three years without ever noticing each other.

We officially met on my 22nd birthday when I noticed her on a pharmacy school bus trip to visit Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. I noticed her on the bus because she and another girl were the only ones who brought their pharmacy books to study.  I was sitting across the aisle and one row behind them. A couple hours into the trip I opened a bag of pretzels.  A little while later, Jerry asked me if she could have some pretzels.  When we stopped for lunch, she and I both made sure that we were at the same table.  From that point on, we’ve been nearly inseparable.

We married May 22, 1976."

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The Wedding Date

Jonathan and Sara McFall ('12)

"Sara and I started dating during our P2 year. Shortly after, I asked her to be my date to a wedding I was in in New Orleans with people she had never met. This trip also happened to be on her birthday.

We dated throughout pharmacy school, working as interns at rival companies. We went to the Dominican Republic in summer 2013 with pharmacy friends, where I planned to propose. The night I had planned to propose, I had a timeline I was trying to keep in order to get the moment recorded so I was rushing Sara to get ready. She was actually upset with me as we walked to dinner when I told her to stop, and I got down on one knee to propose.

We got married at Senates End in June 2014, and it was a huge pharmacy reunion as well."


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Study Buddies

Adam Pizzuti (‘19) and Morgan Ingerson (Pharm.D. Candidate, ‘20)

"I first met Morgan at an ACCP officer meeting when a mutual friend introduced us. She was a P1 and I was a P2.

Initially, our relationship was just as friends in similar organizations. Eventually, our connection  was too hard to ignore. My secret study spot that I would get away to during pharmacy school was a desk just outside of Dr. Pittman's lab in the Coker Life Sciences building. As fate would have it, Morgan conducted research in that lab with Dr. Pittman. It took until my P3 year for me to realize that all the interactions we had were more than just random coincidences. We started to date and got to know each other even more through many study sessions at T Coop and walks on the Horseshoe, around the State House, and on the Riverwalk.

We are excited for our wedding coming up on May 30. We will always remember and appreciate the time we spent at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy and how that was the place where our story began."


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