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College of Pharmacy

  • Students in white coats reading from program

Support Pharmacy Students through the White Coat Fund

It is a rite of passage when each first-year pharmacy student receives their white coat. This annual tradition and educational milestone marks the day these students begin their pharmacy education at the University of South Carolina.

The White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2025 begins their transition into the pharmacy profession as student pharmacists – preparing for their future roles in providing health care to our community, across our state and throughout the nation.

[Receiving my white coat] reminded me that I was making a promise to serve in this profession with selflessness and dignity.

Second- year student Jasmine Battle says receiving her white coat during last year’s ceremony was an experience she will never forget.

“Receiving my white coat not only marked the beginning of my pharmacy career, but it reminded me that I was making a promise to serve in this profession with selflessness and dignity,” Battle says. “This is an important milestone for both the student and their family members.”

Second-year student Amy Miller recalls her gratitude upon receiving her white coat during last year’s ceremony.

“While the Class of 2024 White Coat ceremony was different from ceremonies in the past, the uniqueness made it unforgettable and still very special for me and my classmates,” she says. “I was especially honored on that day to be the first Pharm.D. candidate in my family and to know that Dr. Pham was my white coat donor.”

The College of Pharmacy's White Coat campaign launches June 18. A gift of $45 provides a new pharmacy student with their first white coat. 

Gifts received by the July 21 deadline will be recognized in the program for the White Coat ceremony, August 20, 2021. In addition, a customized card featuring your name will be inserted into the recipient's white coat pocket. 

Gifts can be made online at Should you have questions regarding the White Coat Fund, please contact Kathy Keenan.


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