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Division of Information Technology

YubiKey Self Registration Now Available for Duo

Users who utilize Duo Multifactor to authenticate into university IT systems can now self-register YubiKey devices in without the need for a service ticket.  This change expedites the registration process for users and system administrators across the state. 

Users who have already programmed their Yubikey device for use with Google Authentication or another system will need to reassociate those accounts following this process.  Duo provides detailed instructions.

To begin self-registering Yubikey devices follow these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Under the “Faculty/Staff” tab, click “View my IDs and manage my passwords”.
  3. Log in to with your VIP ID and Password
  4. When the “Your USC Identifiers” page loads, locate the “Multifactor Authentication” section, then select “Manage Multifactor Authentication”.
  5. Answer your security question. (If your security question has not been configured, visit the VIP claim page and fill out the required fields).
  6. Once you reach the multi-factor page, locate the “Tokens” section. 
  7. Use the “Tokens” drop-down menu to select “Yubikey”.
  8. Enter the serial number for the Yubikey device.
  9. Click “add token”.

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