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Division of Information Technology

IT Employee Resource Groups

About ERGs

ERGS are voluntarily-formed groups, led by and open to IT employees at all levels and campuses of the University of South Carolina System. They foster an informed, diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace in which IT personnel support the mission of the University of South Carolina. Most often, ERGs are formed around a characteristic, affinity, trait, experience, or common interest that distinguishes group members among our broader IT workforce.

While there are no limitations at the outset, ERGs commonly form around identities of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race, generation/age, and ability. ERGs provide support and guidance in personal or professional career development, and create a safe space where employees feel fully comfortable being themselves in community with others. Allies are often welcome to join.

Current ERGs

If you are interested in joining any of the ERGs listed below, please send an email to the Lead and Co-Lead. You are welcome to join as many ERGs at you'd like. As more ERGs are formed, they will be listed here.

Providing support, coaching, mentoring, and networking opportunities for women and allies in IT across campus
Co-leads: Liz Shirkey ( and Erin Daugherty (

Please email the co-leads listed above to join this group.

A group of individuals with disabilities and their allies to offer support and discussion surrounding barriers and success within life and the workplace
Lead: Kim Hodges (

Please email Lead listed above to join this group.

Process to Form and Register an ERG

Universtiy IT personnel may register a new ERG by completing the IT Employee Resource Group Registration form online. Prior to submitting a request, work with your inaugural members to propose a name for the group, draft a succinct description of the group, and name a group Lead or Co-Leads. Also, please consider asking an Executive Director to be an executive sponsor for your group. These items will be publicly listed to a registry on this web page; lists of members are internal to the group and will not be published.

After registration is submitted, the DoIT Chief of Staff will follow up with the group Lead/Co-Leads to complete the registry process, ensure an Executive Director is on-boarded as the executive sponsor, and schedule quarterly meetings for ERG members with the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO. How each ERG operates is otherwise up to the members!

Special Note

ERGs provide positive support, advocacy, and opportunity in the IT workplace. They are not designed to officially mediate, escalate, or resolve issues/conduct that should be addressed through formal university or legal processes. Any employee who experiences something they believe may violate the equality of opportunity to which they are entitled is encouraged to consult the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX.

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