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Division of Information Technology

Analytics of Community Practice

BI Workshare

Mary Prouty

Unlocking Inclusion through Program Accessibility - Part 2  

This BIWorkshare presented by Mary Prouty focuses on how you can create data visualizations that are accessible for screen reader users who are blind or low vision, regardless of what tool or platform you are using. We'll cover how to apply the existing accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1 Level AA) to your visualizations, then explore current research into how we can improve the usability for people with visual disabilities.

Mary Prouty

Unlocking Inclusion through Program Accessibility - Part 1

The Authoring Accessible Dashboards in Tableau training presented by Mary Prouty will cover how to create views and dashboards in Tableau Desktop that can be used by people with different disabilities. Accessibility concepts will include color contrast, focus order, alternative text, responsive design, and more. Participants will learn why and how accessibility in Tableau can enable people with various abilities to gather insights from data visualizations.

Melissa Williams-Smith

Welcome to the Data World 

Mellissa Williams-Smith, Director of Instutional Research at University of South Carolina- Upstate  presented Welcome to the Data World. This event served as an introduction to the field of Institutional Research. It  also walked through the mission and vision of the Upstate Institutional Planning and Research office and address issues and solutions to bridging the gap between education and data

Pamela Stansberry

 Cognos Advanced Report Training

Pamela Stansberry, Program Manager of Infrastructure and Database Administration  for IBM and her team present the Cognos Advanced Report Authors training. This training  illustrates and reinforces key concepts of advanced report authoring techniques, including enhancing, customizing, managing, and distributing professional reports using relational data models. Advanced Report Authors are taught  how to create highly interactive and engaging reports that can be run offline by creating saved report outputs.

Sophia Greenwell

Institutional Research Goes Public

Sophie Greenwell showcased new public facing dashboards, a recent initiative of OIRAA. She highlighted the value of sharing data with the public through easily digestible and interactive means, and the importance of digital accessibility.

Tableau Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Banu Swetha Kothakonda & Savanna Shaver showcase various tips and tricks on how to use Tableau to create user-friendly dashboards with strong design principles and clean layouts. There will also be a demo of the CarolinaAnalytics landing page and new CarolinaDataWorks creator content summary dashboard.





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