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Division of Information Technology

Data Stewardship

Data Stewards oversee the capture, maintenance, storage, use, and dissemination of University Data and Information for a particular function or operation; they may be considered System Owners for stores and systems they purchase, operate, or contract with a third party/service provider to operate and/or host (University Policy UNIV 1.51). 

Date steward roles and responsibilities for:

  • Business Assets
    Identify valuable data assets, ensure broad access to data, identify the data life cycle, and define data and access processes
  • Data Mechanics
    Populate the data dictionary for critical data elements, determine data element classification, and ensure data quality and integrity
  • Compliance Oversight
    Apply security and privacy standards to operational area data, approve access and permissions for data elements, approve requests for data made through data sharing agreements, and oversee/approve permissions for data transmission

Key processes, templates, lists, and training

Data Steward Program Manager

Sue Porter serves as the Data Steward Program Manager for the Division of Information Technology at the University of South Carolina to support the Data Steward community as they oversee university data care and use. She works with university data stewards to ensure that they understand their data oversight roles and tools, business processes, and best practices that can be used in fulfilling their responsibilities.  With a degree in Management Science and more than 30 years of experience with University of South Carolina enterprise information systems, Sue brings a familiarity with the university community and an understanding of critical data systems that will facilitate the establishment of a robust data stewardship practice.

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