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Division of Information Technology

LITE - Improved Technology in the Classroom

The Division of Information Technology is committed to improving technology in the classroom. Uniform equipment will offer a more consistent experience for faculty and students, improving teaching and learning.

LITE Initiative 

LITE (Learn, Innovate, Teach and Enhance) is a comprehensive initiative for the advancement of university teaching and learning environments. Based on academic IT needs and requirements, the LITE initiative is improving technology found in classrooms across the Columbia campus, in alignment with the university strategic plan. Both physical and online learning environments are being enhanced, providing students and instructors advanced opportunities to learn and instruct through the use of technology. 

LITE began in Fiscal Year 2021. In that year, a total of 113 classrooms were updated. In Fiscal Year 2023, the project is divided into two phases, allowing the division to make progress while we mitigate supply chain delays and minimize academic disruptions. It will also allow us to minimize academic disruptions. Phase 1 will integrate technologies in parallel with existing ones, so we do not disrupt current classroom functionality and capabilities. Phase 2 will remove all old technology, integrate the new pre-built lectern, complete interconnections with phase 1 technologies, and perform final system commissioning.

See a list of classroom upgrades on this page

Training videos can be found at the end of this page. 

The initiative originated out of the necessity to update and standardize classroom technologies throughout the Columbia campus. The classroom design includes upgrades to many of the audiovisual presentation technologies faculty have used for years. However, LITE classrooms include technologies that combine face-to-face and online teaching into one experience, while addressing accessibility and student engagement requirements. The approach of modernization, standardization and flexibility provides a consistent instructional technology experience for faculty teaching in various spaces throughout campus while accommodating on-campus, online, hybrid and hyflex course delivery modalities.

Upgrade dates of specific classrooms will depend on many variables and are subject to change. The Division of Information Technology is working with the Office of the University Registrar to identify specific  classrooms that will be updated and the schedule.

The process was shaped through evaluating trends, instructional design, pedagogy, student owned technologies and other instructional technology initiatives. The Division of Information Technology also worked with several governance groups, including the Faculty Senate IT Committee.

Onsite classroom technology training can be requested by contacting the USC IT Service Desk by calling 803-777-1800. You can also submit a request via the online service portal. Online training materials can be accessed via QR codes located on the classroom lectern.

 LITE is a multi-year initiative with a planned completion of August 2024. 

 Faculty are encouraged to work with their department coordinators for scheduling specific classroom spaces.

Yes! Here are quick links to our Knowledge Base, which houses training videos.


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