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Division of Information Technology

Data Resources

The following resources are made available to data stewards and users across the university system.

ID Title/Link Status Description
1.00 Data-related Terminology [pdf] Approved Terminology and meaning for words and phrases related to data and roles at USC.
1.02  Data Definitions and Data Dictionaries [pdf] Approved Guidance on what data definitions and dictionaries are, when they are needed, their content, and who is responsible for their management.
1.03 Email Domain Standard and Registry [pdf] Approved  Guidance on establishing a university email domain, ownership requirements, and a registry of known email domains in use across the USC system.
1.04 Data Classification Schema [pdf] Approved  University-adapted list of sample data types that may fall under the Data Classification Schema.
1.07 University Data Identification Guide [pdf] Published Draft Guide to determining whether particular data qualifies as University Data for purposes of data governance and responsible use.

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