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The Division of Information Technology

Data Resources

The following resources are made available to data stewards and users across the university system.

ID Title/Link Status Description
1.00 Data-related Terminology Approved Terminology and meaning for words and phrases related to data and roles at USC
1.02  Data Definitions and Data Dictionaries Approved Guidance on what data definitions and dictionaries are, when they are needed, their content, and who is responsible for their management 
1.03 Email Domain Standard and Registry Approved  Guidance on establishing a university email domain, ownership requirements, and a registry of known email domains in use across the USC system 
1.04 Data Classification Schema  Approved  University-adapted list of sample data types that may fall under the Data Classification Schema 
1.07 University Data Identification Guide  Published Draft Guide to determining whether particular data qualifies as University Data for purposes of data governance and responsible use