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Division of Information Technology

Multifactor Authentication

As cybersecurity tools become more sophisticated, hackers shift toward targeting users, not computers. If a hacker can discover an authorized user’s password, they’re far less likely to sound any alarms as they access the university’s data and resources.

Welcome to the future of authentication.

Computing has changed drastically in the past 30 years. We share and consume more data today than at any previous point in history. There are also more people attempting to make a living by stealing that data.  It is time the ways we authenticate begin to catch up with modern needs. Multifactor authentication is a key piece to that puzzle.


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Duo Security

Duo Security is a multifactor authentication service that provides additional security for access to institutional and personal data. Duo offers several options for authenticating users: a mobile push notification, one-button verification of identity to a smartphone, as well as voice and SMS verification.  Ask your local systems administrator or SA contact if Duo Security is right for you.

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