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Budget Execution


The College Budget Office monitors the execution of budgets throughout the year via a variety of reports.  Reports are sent to departments periodically for review.

The carry forward process begins in August and determines the amount of the balance from the previous year that will be added or deducted in the current year's budget.  It is also an opportunity for the department to indicate where in their budget they would like to place their carry forward funds. The department will receive a report from the College budget office in September.  Carry forward funds are usually posted to departmental accounts in October or early November.

This report is issued in October, February, and April based on funds received by month end of the previous month.

This review is performed in October and March to review payroll for all full time, permanent employees for accuracy, to adjust budgets as needed based on current information, and to allow the College and Departments the opportunity to review any projected savings or deficits for accuracy.

The E fund review is performed quarterly in July, October, January, and March based on month end balances from the previous month. The purpose of the review is to identify E funds with deficits and insure that action is taken to eliminate the deficit. To see an example and further instructions for the E fund review, click on the pdf example below.

This review is performed quarterly (August, November, February, May) to identify grant funds with deficits as well as grant funds on risk accounts.  Departments are asked to review the deficits and take action to address the deficit.  Departments are also asked to advise on the status of risk accounts.

This review is performed in November and April to identify possible issues in A funds.  Departments are asked to review the report and explain any items that are projected to be over budget.  They are also asked to notify the College if a deficit is anticipated at year end and to explain what actions are being taken to address the deficit.

Both summer accounts, A301 and A302 are reconciled in October and November respectively.  Reports are generated for departmental review to set the budget to actual expenditures.

This report does not go out to departments but the College budget office reconciles the fringe object code to set the fringe budget to zero unless there is an exception.  This budget transfer posts in June.

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