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Faculty Development Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce an expanded Faculty Development Program (FDP) to support the development and promotion of tenure-track, tenured and professional track faculty.

This year, the FDP program will have four distinct programming tracks:  Orientation, Junior Faculty, Mid-Career Faculty and Faculty of Color.   Although the individual sessions are designed for a target audience, college faculty are welcome to attend any session that might be of interest. 

Participants who complete at least five FDP sessions throughout the year will be given priority for a small number of fellowships to be awarded by the College for the NCFDD Faculty Success Program (FSP).  Associate professors will also be given priority for either a fellowship to the NCFDD Post-tenure Pathfinders Program or a “service sabbatical” (i.e., one academic year with no service commitments) plus a $5000 research fund.   More details on these incentives will be announced later in the year. 



The new Orientation program track targets faculty who are new to the university or would like a refresher on the range of college resources available to support faculty. 

Spring 2022 Orientation Sessions

This session will provide an interactive overview of teaching and advising resources in the College of Arts & Sciences. Attendees can learn more about services in the Office of Undergraduate Studies (including how students are advised and where to refer them for concerns), the library’s teaching resources, and how to incorporate experiential learning into your classes.

This virtual session will provide an overview of units within the college that focus on supporting interdisciplinary research for tenure-track and professional faculty. Attendees will learn about the programs and resources offered by the Humanities Collaborative, the Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology, and Society, and the Institute for African American Research. The Education Abroad office will also take part in this session to share opportunities for faculty to teach and work with students abroad.

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Questions or Suggestions? Please contact Associate Dean Qiana Whitted ( 


Now in its third year, the Junior Faculty program track will introduce participants to the resources of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), as well as other practical tips and information needed to be successful in their research, teaching, and service endeavors. Participants will cover a range of topics focused on strategic planning, productivity, work-life balance, and building healthy and supportive relationships. 
While all junior faculty in the College are welcomed to participate, CAS tenure-track faculty in their second year or after are strongly encouraged to attend.   

Spring 2022 Junior Faculty Sessions

Mentoring graduate students is often intellectually and personally rewarding but it can also be challenging, especially when mentors themselves have not witnessed strong models of mentorship. In this session, we will discuss the benefits of mentoring, the responsibilities of mentors, and some practical and ethical guidelines that should be followed as we strive to be strong mentors. 

For many academics, the boundaries between “work” and “life” can easily be blurred, given the significant time commitment required for research, teaching, and service yet the seemingly flexible nature of our work. How can we maintain a balance between “work” and “life”? What challenges may exist for faculty who belong to marginalized gender or ethnic groups? What kinds of institutional and personal support systems can we depend on? In this session, we will discuss various tips for maintaining your health all the while remaining an efficient and productive academic. 

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Research grants are necessary for surviving in many academic disciplines, yet knowing how to write a successful grant proposal can sometimes feel elusive. In this session, we will discuss some general strategies for successful grant-writing, including what the required components and characteristics of a successful proposal are (e.g., clarity, feasibility), what a realistic timeline for writing a proposal is, and how to maximize your chances of funding with specific agencies and programs. 

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Questions or Suggestions? Please contact Dr. Tammi Richardson ( or Dr. Elaine Chun ( 


To help associate professors prepare for promotion to full, the Mid-career Faculty program track will draw on the resources of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) in order to provide practical advice and resources for post-tenure faculty who are planning the next phase of their careers. 
Sessions will cover a range of topics, including productivity, work-life balance, strategic planning, networking, assessment of promotion criteria, and identifying good mentors. While all associate professors in the College are welcomed to participate, post-tenure faculty who are beginning to work towards promotion to full are especially encouraged to attend.

Spring 2022 Mid-Career Faculty Sessions

Please come prepared to share strategies to carve out time for writing.  We will talk about perseverance and strategies to paper and grant rejections as one steps beyond the ‘early career’ label. 

We’ll discuss this elusive ideal and talk about importance of setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ without guilt. The life of an academic has some predictable peak times when balance may not be attainable (exams, grades due, grant deadlines, etc). However, taking time to take care of yourself, pursue hobbies, exercise, etc is important to recharge both your mind and body.

In this session, the facilitators will address your lingering questions/concerns and propose some strategies for maintaining your momentum over the summer months.

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Questions/Suggestions?  Please contact Dr. Linda Shimizu ( or Dr. Marius Valdez ( 


This new initiative is designed to facilitate a dialogue and a series of sessions geared toward meeting the needs of faculty of color across a range of retention and career advancement topics.  While all FDP tracks and sessions are inclusive of the needs and perspectives of faculty of color, this track provides a dedicated space for self-identified, under-represented faculty members to share information with each other and share their thoughts and concerns with the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, as to what the college should do to better meet their needs. 

Please contact Peyton Young ( in the Office of the Dean to be notified when the Faculty of Color Track sessions are scheduled.


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