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Performance Evaluations

Employee Performance Management System

The Universal EPMS Review date for the College of Arts and Sciences is February 1, 2024.

2023 EPMS Reviews and 2024 Planning Stages for classified FTE employees should be submitted to your assigned College HR Contacts no later than Friday, December 15, 2023. This will allow adequate time to review and submit evaluations for all of the College’s staff members by the universal due date.


DUE: Friday, December 15 2023

WHAT: 2023 EPMS Review and 2024 Planning Stages for all Staff FTE Employees

VIA: Email to your assigned College HR Contact. The reviews and planning stages for all employees can be sent in one email. However, each review and planning stage document must be attached individually per employee.


Your Role as Unit HR Contact

As the HR representative, you are the first point of contact for your unit as it relates to questions and advice concerning EPMS Reviews/Planning Stages.  You should work closely with supervisors in your area to review EPMS documents for accuracy before they are sent to the Dean’s office for final review and processing. 

Reviewing for accuracy is very important at the unit level because submitting documents that are not filled out correctly will result in them being returned for corrections, delaying the review process.  For convenience, we have created the CAS EPMS Process and Review Guide [pdf], which provides an overview of the College EPMS process, important EPMS reminders and how to review EPMS documents for accuracy.

Please reference the Performance Evaluations (EPMS) section of the University’s Division of Human Resources website for helpful information and resources on employee performance management.

Off-Cycle Reviews

Reviews for employees in a trial period should be submitted by the 6th month of the transfer/reassignment/promotion date.  For probationary employees, reviews should be submitted by the 12th month of the initial hire date. All reviews or planning stages should be submitted to your assigned College HR Contact.

University Training

If you have not done so already, we suggest taking the following training offered by the University:

  • Setting Expectations and Coaching: they teach participants how to write a Planning Stage. How to write Job Duty Statements, how to write Success Criteria, then how to provide the feedback and coaching employees need to achieve these duties and objectives. This is the MOST important step in performance management and the one that most supervisors get wrong. They don’t clearly articulate the responsibilities and how they measure success. The employee doesn’t have a clear roadmap to help them be successful. Then when the employee struggles, the supervisor tries to escalate to ER and then ER will push back and say the Planning Stage was not clear.
  • Managing Expectations: they talk about how to diagnose performance problems. Then they teach participants how to rate the employees against their Planning Stage through the EPMS process. Understanding levels of performance (exceptional, successful, unsuccessful). And then the Substandard Performance process when ongoing feedback and coaching do not result in improved performance. How to document. The progressive levels of discipline to include oral warnings and or counseling sessions, written, suspension, demotions or reassignments, up to termination.

Please check the training calendar for upcoming training dates and times.


Please reach out to your College HR Contact with any questions about EPMS reviews and/or the process.  You may also reach out to the central Employee Relations Office at 803-777-3821 with any questions as you complete the forms.

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