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Department of Theatre and Dance

USC Dance Conservatory Presents Celebration of Dance

The students of the USC Dance Conservatory, aged 3-18, will present their Spring Concert May 19-20 at Drayton Hall Theatre.

Celebration of Dance

May 19-20, 2017

Drayton Hall Theatre
1214 College St.

Show Times: 
May 19: 6pm
May 20: 2pm

Admission: $12
Available at the door, or 
in advance at USC Dance studios,
324 Sumter St., 
from May 10-18.

Contact Olivia Waldrop at 
803-777-7264 or 
for more info.

Scheduled for the concert are a wide range of ballet works performed by all levels of Conservatory students.  Included are a new ballet for Primary Division dancers (aged 4-6) entitled The Enchanted Garden, and the work Etudes, performed by the conservatory’s resident training company (aged 8-17).

“Each level is performing a work that showcases their hard work over this last year,” says Conservatory Administrative Director Olivia Waldrop.  “We used the concepts, themes, and rhythms explored in class, and integrated them into the choreography for each level."

Hosted by the USC Dance Program, the USC Dance Conservatory offers after-school dance classes to students aged 3 to 18. Every spring, the conservatory stages one culminating concert that features all of the conservatory students.  The Conservatory’s curriculum follows the model of the highly-respected Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, utilizing a unified instruction plan that ensures correct ballet technique across all levels of training.

“This concert is a wonderful opportunity for audiences of all ages to see different aspects of classical ballet,” says Waldrop. “In addition, if a dancer or family is interested in our school, it is an accurate representation of how our students progress from the primary division to our highest level.” 

For more information on Celebration of Dance or the USC Dance Conservatory, contact Kevin Bush by phone at 803-777-9353 or via email at

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