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Division of Information Technology

Don't Provide Personal Info Through Email Links!

The Division of Information Technology would like to remind everyone to beware of phishing scams that could attack your email accounts. Phishing is a form of online fraud in which an attacker tries to gain access to your account information by pretending to be a reputable individual or company via email.

Typically, the tone of the email is urgent, and prompts the user to act quickly. They often ask users to click a link and input usernames and passwords in order to stop something bad from happening. A common email we have seen on campus tells students their account will soon expire or be deactivated if they don't follow a link to reset their password. 

The university will never ask you to click a link from an email to reset your account. Don't fall for this scheme.

Many students' accounts have been compromised after clicking a link in a phishing email.

If you feel  you might have inadvertently revealed personal information such as your Network Username or password, you should change your password immediately. Visit and click "View my IDs and manage my passwords." Follow the prompts to reset your password. Instructions can also be found in the Knowledge Base. If you have additional questions, contact the Service Desk at 803-777-1800.

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