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Division of Information Technology

Cloud Transformation Program

By modernizing servers, storage, networking, and the university data center, the Cloud Transformation Program will seamlessly upgrade USC's IT infrastructure into something new: a capable, reliable, and accessible service that supports the goals of the university.

The current state of the IT infrastructure on the Columbia campus is less than ideal: chronic underfunding has resulted in servers and data storage technology that are nine years past their expiration dates on average, a data center that is unable to adequately support the university’s research and administrative needs, and an outage-prone network that can’t meet students’ or employees’ basic requirements for wireless internet connectivity. Separately, these represent opportunities for our individual capabilities to improve; combined, they present us with a path toward realizing the promises of research computing and anytime, anywhere teaching and learning.

We can divide the scope of the changes happening as part of the Cloud Transformation Program into three sections: servers and storage, data center, and network infrastructure. These three sections include changes that would be beneficial to USC individually, but their true benefit will be experienced in combination:

  • Data Center
  • Servers and Storage
  • Network

The Cloud Transformation Project is currently underway with the on-going migration to our local Hybrid Cloud Provider and transitions to our Public Cloud vendors. Please check for news and updates as they are posted. 

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