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  • Hyperion HPC racks

Phase III of the Hyperion HPC cluster is in production

USC Research Computing is pleased to announce that Phase III of the Hyperion High Performance Computing cluster has been installed, tested, configured, and placed into production. The 86 new nodes all feature dual socket Intel Xeon Platinum 32-core 2.6GHz processors for a total of 64 cores per node and 960 gigabytes of locally attached NVMe scratch storage. Eight of these systems will be big memory nodes with 2 terabytes of main memory, and 78 will be general computational nodes with 256 gigabytes of main memory.

The Phase III upgrade brings Hyperion to a total of 342 nodes and will increase Hyperion’s theoretical peak performance in quadrillion floating-point operations per second (petaFLOPS or PFLOPS) by 20%, from 1.56 PFLOPS to 1.85 PFLOPS. It will also increase the number of computing cores available by 8.5%, for a total of 16,616 cores.

Research faculty can become Hyperion cluster contributors to gain priority scheduling on their owned nodes for the lifetime of the equipment. Pricing is $10,000 each for standard computational node and $21,000 each for big memory node. To purchase Hyperion Phase III nodes please enter a request through ServiceNow.

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