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Division of Information Technology

IMAP and POP3 Servers to be Blocked on Oct. 18

In order to improve information security throughout the Columbia campus, IMAP and POP3 servers will be disabled beginning October 18, 2018. IMAP and POP3 are older methods used by computers to access email messages from a remote server. The connections are unsecure and are used by many hackers to access university information and send malicious emails. The university has seen three attacks the originated from IMAP and POP3 servers within the past six months, causing major outages and lost productivity.

Since you have been identified as an IMAP or POP3 user, we are contacting you individually. We ask that you begin to access your email via a new email client, the VPN, or If you need assistance with any of these options, we are happy to help. Simply contact the Service Desk at 803-777-1800 and we can walk you through the necessary steps to change the server you use to access email. Helpful information can be found in the IMAP and POP3 Protocol Shutdown article.