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Division of Information Technology

Systemwide Initiatives

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is the collective IT organization at the University of South Carolina. The Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Doug Foster  leads the DoIT. There are a number of IT areas throughout the eight-campus system, including those for academic colleges, system campuses and administrative units such as Finance and Human Resources.

More than half of the individuals who work in IT across the system do not report directly to DoIT. In addition, more than half of funding dedicated to IT is managed outside of DoIT. The lack of centralization leads to poor or non-existent coordination of efforts in resource allocation, strategic planning, career pathing and career development. For example, the university system currently employees 12 separate desktop support units. Ten different storage solutions are maintained, eight cloud services are procured, and ten separate email systems are supported. These redundancies lead to a high level of overlapping investments in both personnel and funding. The resources are difficult to manage, maintain and are expensive. Offering standardized IT options and services would result in overall reduced costs, greater support and fewer risks. 


In 2019, a group of IT professionals across the UofSC system formed the unITe working group. The purpose of unITe was to review redundancies in IT across the system and define coordination projects that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the collective IT function across the system. The first project the group chose to investigate was an integrated IT Service Desk for students, faculty, and staff. In 2019, there were 10 IT Service Desks across the system. As a result, students and employees were unsure who they should contact to receive assistance with IT issues. In July 2020, seven academic units transitioned into a centralized IT Service Desk. Click here for more information.

The unITe group identified other initiatives that can greatly benefit from a coordination of efforts. They include backup and DR, desktop bulk purchasing, Jamf, and VMware server farms.  All academic and administrative units across the system have agreed to participate in these initiatives. The DoIT has also began working with some units to create financial, human resource, and technology models that focus not only on how to incorporate technical support personnel and budget, but more importantly on how we can transform to support of faculty, staff, and students by better leveraging our shared resources.


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