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University Registrar

Summer 2017: Changes to Transfer GPA

Beginning Summer 2017, the transfer GPA will no longer be calculated on student’s records and included in the overall GPA. Only hours that can be used toward a degree will count towards the “earned hours” total.  Non-degree applicable courses will no longer appear on the student record.

Non-degree applicable coursework includes:

  • Coursework with a transfer grade of below C-
  • Technical Coursework
  • Remedial Coursework
  • Non-regionally accredited Coursework


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some USC students have transfer GPAs while others do not?

The change will affect both students who are admitted starting Summer/Fall 2017 and currently enrolled students who bring in transient or study abroad work.

Transfer work added to students’ records prior to Summer 2017 will remain unchanged in order to preserve the transfer equivalencies associated with students’ transfer coursework at the time the coursework was evaluated. 

A current or former student, who has transfer work on their record, may see their transfer GPA removed if they add transfer work to their record starting in March 2017.  This may occur if the student completes transient or study abroad coursework.

How will LIFE GPA be calculated moving forward? Doesn’t that require an “Overall” GPA?

Though the transfer GPA will no longer be displayed on the student record, a LIFE Scholarship GPA will be calculated automatically for all students enrolled at USC.

The LIFE GPA will be displayed to students and advisors in Self Service Carolina. The LIFE GPA will be similar in nature to the former “Overall GPA” which included grade points from both  transfer and institutional work.

How do I know which courses have been evaluated as technical, remedial, or non-accredited?

Courses evaluated as technical, remedial, or non-accredited will appear in the USC Course Equivalency Tables but an equivalent course will not be displayed.

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