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College of Education

Maxine Greene Salons

This biennial professional development program is oriented for faculty and graduate students. A significant work of literature of contemporary interest is “assigned” in conjunction with the Maxine Greene Center for Aesthetic Education and Social Imagination. Through the 2013 Salon, the group held a telephone conversation with Maxine Greene and then proceeded to discuss the book. The Museum was invited to stage Maxine Greene salons by the Maxine Greene Foundation.

2017: The 9th Greene Salon: The Greene documentary

2015: The 8th Greene Salon: The Greene documentary

2013: The 7th Greene Salon: Vertigo 

2011: The 6th Greene Salon: Netherland

2009: The 5th Greene Salon: The Lazarus Project 

2008: The 4th Greene Salon: The Greene documentary 

2007: The 3rd  Greene Salon: March 

2006: The 2nd  Greene Salon: Jazz 

2005: The 1st  Greene Salon: Saturday

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