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College of Education

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Elementary Education (Grades 2-6)

Elementary education presents a special opportunity. By second grade, the majority of students are adjusted to school routine, so instead of helping your students learn the basics of the classroom, you can focus on making core subjects like math, English, science and social studies exciting. 

Nearly everyone has a story about an elementary school teacher; someone who left a mark on their life. How would you like to be the one the next generation tells stories about?


Your coursework

In addition to the core curriculum, your elementary education coursework will cover reading assessment and literacy instruction, the nature and management of elementary classrooms, and classes specific to teaching math, science, social studies and an integrated curriculum.

The elementary education methods courses are offered in a wide variety of school settings including urban, suburban and rural schools. Your experience is capped off by student teaching, where it's time to apply what you've learned!


Your career

This is a good time to consider becoming an elementary school teacher- continued demand for educators and advancing classroom technology puts you in a position to make a real impact! Outside the classroom, elementary educators are often found in places like zoos and museums, as tutors, in camp settings and even government organizations.

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