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College of Education

  • a white male teacher instructs a white female middle school student working on a tablet.

Middle Level Education (Grades 5-8)

Unlike elementary school teachers, middle school teachers (those who teach grades 5-8) often specialize in one or two content areas. Even though you are more focused, you also need to be flexible- your students are more perceptive than they were in grades K-4, and they will surprise you with what they understand!

Are you passionate about a particular subject or area of learning? Do you enjoy sharing that passion with others?

As a middle level education student, you specialize in two content areas of your choosing from English, mathematics, science, and social studies. Your selection will help determine whether you graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, which focuses on literature or history, or a Bachelor of Science, which focuses more on math and science.


Your course work

In addition to your areas of specialization, your studies will include awareness of and experiences in equity and diversity issues, classroom management skills, the governing principles of middle school, and the inclusion of students with mild disabilities.

The program also includes real-world classroom experience, where you can expect a variety of instruction practices, including whole-class discussions, hands-on engagement, working one-on-one with young adolescents and role playing.


Your career

Naturally, you will more than likely find yourself in a middle school, introducing your students to your chosen specialties. However, if you want to work outside traditional classroom settings, there are still many options. You could be a tutor in your areas of concentration, or use your expertise to lead children's educational programming for museums, camps or service organizations.

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