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CarolinaLIFE Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Visit our Applying to CarolinaLIFE page for more information on how and when to apply. Applications for Fall 2023 are LIVE and it is to your advantage to apply early. We cannot guarantee that we will review your application after October 3rd. 

What kind of candidates are you looking for?

We look for students who are motivated and enthusiastic about attending college. Students must be able to navigate a college campus and city landscape with minimal support, use time management strategies to attend class and work reliably, actively engage with peers, communicate wants, desires, and needs, demonstrate basic safety skills, exhibit basic reading and math skills, and abide by the University’s Code of Conduct.

Do CarolinaLIFE students live on campus?

Yes! CarolinaLIFE students are required to live on-campus for at least their first year, however most students live in on-campus housing for all four years. 

Do students live together or with program staff?

CarolinaLIFE freshmen are paired with other incoming CarolinaLIFE freshmen or returning students. Most students choose to live in an apartment-style dorm in the heart of campus. After the first year, students have the choice to live with whoever they'd like! Program staff do not live with students. 

What type of support does the program offer students to live independently in the dorm?

All residential students at USC have access to resident mentors provided by USC Housing. In addition to these mentors, CarolinaLIFE resident coaches live on-campus to assist students with additional needs. These mentors may live in the same community, but not necessarily in the same unit or floor as students enrolled in CarolinaLIFE. 

How many students do you accept per year?

We are accepting up to 10 students for our Fall 2023 cohort. 

Do you accept new students in the spring?

No, we only begin cohorts in the Fall. 

Do you offer a summer program?

No, we do not offer a summer program. 

Can I be enrolled in my high school transition program while attending CarolinaLIFE?

No, CarolinaLIFE accepts students who have exited or are planning to exit high school before enrollment. 

What type of credential will I exit CarolinaLIFE with?

All students who complete an individualized program of study will earn a certificate of completion, while also pursuing any relevant micro or industry-specific credentials that would contribute to their job readiness and candidacy. 

Can I transfer my credits to a degree-seeking program?

CarolinaLIFE students take university coursework in an audit capacity, therefore no credits will transfer. 

Do students have a curfew?

Typical of college, students do not have a curfew. Resident coaches are available to support students in making good and healthy decisions, but ultimately, students are responsible for their general well-being and safety. 

Do students get tickets to sporting events?

Yes, CarolinaLIFE students are full-time students at the University and therefore entitled to all attend and participate in all student activities. 

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