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Division of Information Technology

Be a Good Steward of Campus WiFi

When using campus WiFi, your actions can affect those around you. Here are some tips on how to ensure everyone has a good experience.

Choose the right network

Use the eduroam network for computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. It is the fastest and most secure wireless network at UofSC. Use entertainet for gaming devices. 

Don't use personal routers or hotspots

Personal wireless routers have a negative impact on the WiFi network in resident halls. In some cases, these rogue access points make campus Wi-Fi unusable by all.

Stop sending mixed signals

Since Wi-Fi uses a range of radio frequencies that are unregulated and available for public use, many electronic devices and appliances can cause interference and degrade the UofSC Wi-Fi networks.

Don't bring wireless printers to campus

Wireless printers are not permitted in residence halls. Most wireless printers can use a wired connection to your computer. Wireless printing can lead to substantial interference.

Game by wire

Wireless gaming console controllers use the same spectrum as the campus Wi-Fi network, causing significant interference. Use wired controllers whenever possible and always use the entertainet network.

Manage other sources of wireless

interference Wi-Fi can be negatively affected by a number of regular things: microwave ovens, wireless audio speakers, cameras, clocks and projectors.

View this flyer [PDF] to learn how other things such as microwaves and cameras can negatively affect WiFi. 

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