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University Registrar

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Registering for classes is an online process that students complete through Self Service Carolina.

Registration Checklists

Use the checklists below to help navigate the registration process.

  • Meet with Your Academic Advisor - Contact your academic department to inquire about when and where you should meet with your academic advisor prior to registration. 
  • Obtain Necessary Overrides - Contact the academic department that sponsors the class you need an override for and line up your overrides before your time ticket begins.
  • Check Your Advisement Hold – Confirm that it has been removed by reviewing the Registration Checklist in Self Service Carolina.
  • Login to Self Service Carolina
  • Choose the Student tab, then click on the Registration tab.
  • Choose the Look Up Classes option and build your ideal schedule.
  • Write down the CRNs for each course section and save this information until you are ready to register.
  • Once your time ticket begins, choose the Add or Drop Classes option, enter the CRNs on the worksheet.
  • Choose the Submit Changes option. You will then see a screen that shows which sections you successfully registered in. If you need to select additional classes, revisit the Look Up Classes option and select the classes you need. Repeat the process above until you finalize your schedule.
  • View Student Detail Schedule - As a final step, review your schedule.
Registration Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing trouble registering for a class, consider these common registration hiccups.


Special Fee Notification

Students may be required to be proctored during online test completion.  If students are unable to attend test proctoring sessions in person at the Distributed Learning office, additional fees may apply for online test proctoring if the course requires online testing.