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College of Education

2022 Donor Honor Roll

2022 Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to all of our generous donors who support the mission and vision of the College of Education. Their financial gifts support the college's research efforts, programming needs and provide scholarships for future educators, researchers and policy makers. 

Thank you to the 379 alumni, businesses, and friends who contributed $1,196,225.19 to the College of Education. It is your generosity that allows us to provide an exceptional experience for College of Education students. This list includes donors for the 2022 fiscal year (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022). Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the donor listing.


Carnegie Corporation of New York
Stuart Foundation
Department of Health and Human Services
Florence County School District
South Carolina Student Loan Corporation
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company
Mr. Randall Utter and Mrs. Karen M. Utter
The Nord Family Foundation
Dr. Patricia A McClam
The Spencer Foundation
Mr. Harry C. Carter Jr. and Dr. Kathryn Carter
Fidelity Charitable

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Bottone Jr.
Mr. David S. Bollinger
Lipscomb Family Foundation
Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation
Richland County School District #1
Dr. Harvey A. Allen Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. West III
Dr. Terrance K. Peterson and Mrs. Scott S. Shanklin-Peterson
Mr. Jarvais J. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Dowd III
Dr. and Mrs. Cleveland E. Whatley
Dr. and Mrs. Baron R. Davis
Mr. Herman L. Schwalbe III and Mrs. Kathy B. Schwalbe
Dr. Craig Witherspoon
Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling

Newberry County Schools
University of South Carolina Controller Office
ABX Solutions LLC
Mr. Geoffrey Banks
Dr. Susan S. Long
Pearson Education, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Lavisky Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Turybury
Lexington County School District #4
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Baber III
Mr. Robert J. Cremins and Mrs. Carolyn J. Cremins
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Randall
Dr. Frances C. Welch
Lexington-Richland Counties School District #5
Allen University
Newberry College
Fairfield County Schools
State Farm Companies Foundation
Mr. Denis Gallagher
Mr. Thomas Noonan and Mrs. Kim Noonan
Interfaith America

Mr. and Mrs. Dane Coffman
Dr. Meir Muller and Ms. Jane Muller
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sphar
Mr. Peter Rosenthal
Dr. Dennis A. Pruitt Sr. and Dr. Patricia L. Pruitt
Ms. Laura J. Thurber
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Sternberg
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Raines Jr.
Ms. Junling Ren
Ms. Elizabeth A. Phibbs
Ms. Brenda L. Hyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan E. Lee
Dr. Sharon H. McCullough
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Arnold
The Honorable and Mrs. Donald A. Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Bauknight Jr.
Mr. Kenneth W. Baldwin Jr. (posthumously)
Dr. Shundelle L. Dogan
Dr. Nancy K. Freeman
CDR and Mrs. Robert R. Kruz
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Banazek
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Thompson
Ms. Jean Bottone
Mr. Joe Sheperd
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Meyer
Mr. Edgar Ruth
The Pinnacle Study Group Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin M. Catoe
Double Good
Ms. Julie R. Nolen
Ms. Mary J. Shealy
Dr. Melissa L. Klopfer
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Neary
Dr. Katherine E. Chaddock
Mrs. Harriett D. Smith
Mrs. and Mrs. Milledge S. Smith
Mr. Jason Bryan and Dr. Michelle L. Bryan
Ms. Kathryn R. Middleton
Mr. Thomas F. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sandel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Porter Jr.
Mr. Walter A. Reed and Dr. Jennifer C. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Singh
Dr. Laura S. Becton and Dr. James L. Becton Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Mahaffey
Ms. Grace E. Lipsey
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Verburg
Mr. Raymond V. Harvey and Dr. Mary F. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Stock Watson
Forbis Insurance
Mr. Peter Gambee and Mrs. Leslie Gambee
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Saxon
Mr. Eric V. Iovacchini and Dr. Linda C. Iovacchini
Ms. Sara J. Lomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Marion A. Knox Jr.
Mr. Joseph Boutte and Dr. Gloria S. Boutte
Mr. and Mrs. John C. King
Ms. Lynn S. Springs
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Buckner
Ms. Olivia J. Lewis
Dr. Samuel Parler
Ms. Marcia Purday
Ms. Kathryn C. Church
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Martin Jr.
Dr. William H. Castine Sr.
Mr. David E. Hodge and Dr. Sylvia S. Hodge
Mrs. Wilhelmina P. Kimpson
Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Green Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Strainer Jr.
Dr. Hailong Li and Dr. Yang Wang
Mr. Anthony H. Lotter and Dr. Christine Lotter
Mrs. Nancy M. Hopkins and Bryan D. Hopkins
Mr. Bruce White and Dr. Elizabeth L. White
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Melton
Dr. Denisha L. Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Novak
Mrs. Mary L. Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Breeden Jr.
Mr. Peter R. Ramsey and Dr. Isabel B. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Huston III
Dr. George J. Fry Jr. and Ms. Rosemary A. Fry
Mrs. Michelle H. Lyerly
Mrs. Margaret Y. Anderson
LTC Walter N. Hedges Ret. 
Dr. Mary Ann Shealey
Mr. Mario DeMarco and Mrs. Kay G. DeMarco
Mr. Urban I. West and Mrs. Andrea J. West
Mr. Edmond L. Nelson Jr. and Ms. Margaret W. Nelson
Dr. Mary R. Bradley
Ms. Caroline E. Gadson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett H. Jones Jr.
Ms. Ellen J. Hammill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Bowman
The Honorable and Mrs. Herbert C. Adams
Dr. Andrena E. Ray
Dr. Brian S. Naylor and Ms. Michele O. Naylor
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Blackmon
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Clyburn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Way Jr.
Mrs. Doris P. Harrington
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Johnston
Ms. Elizabeth Underwood
Dr. Frankie K. Williams and Dr. James Williams
Ms. Eileen P. Foiles
Mr. Richard J. Parler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Halweg
Dr. Randall W. Stowe
Ms. Mary Z. Dubose
Ms. Treva G. Ashworth
Dr. Stephen B. Graves and Dr. Elizabeth L. Graves
Dr. Charles R. Lee
Mrs. Sharon P. Peery
Dr. and Mrs. Vernon K. Callicutt
Dr. Byron V. Burkett Jr. and Mrs. Joyce B. Burkett
Mr. Edwin A. Self
Mr. William L. Vaughan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie J. Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Osteen Jr.
Dr. Luegina A. Mounfield and Dr. William P. Mounfield Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Statler Jr.
Mr. Phillip W. Johnson and Ms. Lynette Stone-Johnson
Dr. John D. Ross
Mr. Thomas K. Meeks and Dr. Kathryn R. Meeks
Ms. Alicia D. Caudill
Dr. Marilyn W. Heath
Dr. John E. Robinson
Dr. Ralph E. Stephens and Ms. Gail B. Stephens
Mr. G. Thomas Upshaw and Dr. Jane T. Upshaw
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Yell
Dr. Stephen W. Hefner and Ms. Lana J. Hefner
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. McGehee
Dr. Christine A. DiStefano
Ms. Ashlee A.  Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert M. Blanchard
Dr. Thomas E. Hodges
Mr. William T. King
Ms. Ann Karnes
Ms. Chelsee Shortt
Dr. Fenice B. Boyd
Mr. J Allan Mackinnon and Mrs. Margaret H. Mackinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Conklin
Ms. Tisha VanHorn
Mr. Eric Brown
Ms. Lindsey Keck
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Franz
Mr. John J. Gebhardt
Mr. Carmine P. Pampillonio

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Menzer
ChefSkip LLC
Ms. Diane K. Pina
Ms. Anna C. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Binette
Dr. Chelsea E. Stinnett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Wingate Jr.
Mrs. Margaret H. Frick
Dr. Teesa J. Brunson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Orndorff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gibbons III
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Boyd
Dr. Angela C. Baum
COL and Mrs. John W. Zurcher
Mrs. Gloria D. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Brenton H. Steele
Dr. Philip S. Moore and Ms. Miriam E. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Heldreth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Crabtree
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Reeves
Ms. Sarah S. Popowski
Mr. James K. Mancke
Mr. Victor G. Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Heyward
Ms. Charlotte A. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Leland E. Bostian
Mrs. Martha B. Sinclair
Mr. Charles M. Polson and Ms. Judith E. Polson
Mrs. Susan D. Dogan
Mr. Kenneth L. Taylor
Dr. Melody T. Browning
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Leland E. Bostian
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Justus Jr.
Ms. Cynthia B. Bradshaw
Mr. Thomas G. Munnerlyn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Shuler
Ms. Joanne W. Smith
Ms. Boo Major
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Avant
Dr. and Mrs. Donald K. Phillips
Ms. Peggy S. Linton
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Mewbourn
Mr. Woodrow W. Barnes Jr.
Dr. Charles E. Gatch Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Shapiro
The Reverend and Mrs. Gerald P. Wallace
Dr. Eugene George
Ms. Clarice L. Blakeney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. West
Ms. Jacqueline E. Fannon
Ms. Marie M. Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Neal A. Martin
Dr. Carolyn S. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Burns Jr.
Dr. Carol Gelhaus
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. McNeill
Mr. Bruce A. Norton and Dr. Marilyn C. Norton
Dr. Wanda F. Johnson
Dr. Alexanderia T. Smith
Ms. Mihaela C. Ene
Mr. Williams M. Bryan IV
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Boardwine
Ms. Julia C. Rosengren
Ms. Carolyn G. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Pratt IV
Dr. Jennifer D. Morrison
Ms. Lacey D. Thompson
Ms. Jennifer N. Harrist
Dr. Kristin E. Harbour
Mr. James E. Groccia and Mrs. Christine H. Groccia
Marissa Rittermeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Wilson
Mr. Richard T. Brown and Ms. Cynthia B. Brown
Ms. Claudia J. Parnell
Ms. Patricia A. Dowling
Ms. Barbara S. DeHamer
Mr. James S. Howe and Mrs. Mary J. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Levi G. Shelley Jr.
Ms. Marcia L. Armstrong
Mr. Melvin P. Wehyrich
Ms. Wendy B. McKenzie
Dr. Yasha Becton
American Online Giving Foundation
Mrs. Amy E. Rohrieng
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Looney
Ms. Barbara Smith
Mr. George Dickenson and Dr. Tammiee S. Dickenson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Mayo Jr.
Mrs. Marie A. Cook
Mrs. Sandra L. Bryant-Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Sincavage
Mr. William R. Kiser Jr.
Dr. Iris R. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Dixon Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Ross Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gibbons III
Mrs. Lisa T. Reinecke
Ms. Susan S. Kirlough
Ms. Kerry G. Stubbs and Tyson N. Boheler
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Sullivan II
Ms. Alannah S. Knebusch
Mrs. Linda W. Black
Dr. Cindy J. Van Buren
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Davis Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie L. Dedmon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim D. White
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Stilwell
Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Jabs
Ms. Deanna L. Cavanaugh
Dr. Michael F. Perl
Mr. James E. Hill and Mrs. Rebecca B. Smith-Hill
Ms. Taylor A. Cain
Ms. Allison H. Forshay
Dr. Tonya M. Jasinski and Dr. Kevin A. Jasinski
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Pipkin
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shipes
Ms. Chelsea R. Corbett
Ms. Dorothy H. Ohrt
Ms. Tiffany H. Johnson
Ms. Jamesha C. Cornell
Ms. Jordan Klein
Dr. Patricia S. Fears
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bentrup
Ms. Barbara S. Griffin
Ms. Taylor Bollinger
Mr. Bowen W. Bollinger
Ms. Sarah E. Smith
Ms. Ashton Collins
Ms. Hannah N. Wood
Ms. Marina A. Lollar
Ms. Ashley L. Bellotte
Ms. Kailey M. Encarnacion
Mr. Skyler A. Stoll
Ms. Kristen R. Stoxen
Ms. Melanie Hennessy
Mr. Bryan R. Baxley and Dr. Jan A. Yow
Dr. Lemuel A. Patterson III and Dr. Patricia W. Patterson
Dr. J. Richard Lashley and Ms. Caroline G. Lashley
Ms. Melissa T. Gilreath
Dr. Ezell Pittman
Ms. Evelyn C. Vinson
Ms. Katherine F. Blanton
Ms. Regina E. Ciphrah
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Stelzner II
Ms. Laurie E. Leiva
Mr. Thomas J. Martin and Ms. Mary Jane Martin
Mrs. Linda M. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hearn Jr.
Mrs. Rosetta S. Roberson
Mr. Joseph F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Beach
Dr. Bridget T. Miller
Mrs. Linda C. Doherty
Ms. Ruth T. Bollinger
Ms. Julia K. Hodge
Mrs. Chelsey C. Malloy
Mr. Joseph B. Adams
Ms. Susan K. Bernath
Ms. Monique C. Armstrong
Ms. Andrea D. Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Jon E. Pedersen



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