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College of Education

Faculty and Staff

Melissa Duffy, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Research
Department: Educational and Developmental Science
College of Education
Phone: 803-777-0906
Office: Wardlaw 115A


Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, McGill University

M.A. in Educational Psychology, McGill University

B.A. in Psychology, Saint Mary’s University

Research/Areas of Expertise

Melissa Duffy’s program of research focuses on the role of motivation and emotion in learning and performance across a variety of higher education and professional training settings, including medical education. In particular, her research has examined how negative and positive emotional states relate to cognitive processes and performance during medical simulation training; the impact of different achievement goals on learning with intelligent tutoring systems; and relations between teacher beliefs and instructional practices in the classroom. Duffy’s research often involves mixed methods and advanced technologies to support and measure learning. Her publications can be found at:

Selected Publications

Duffy, M. C., Lajoie, S. P., Pekrun, R., & Lachapelle, K. (in press). Emotions in medical education: Examining the validity of the Medical Emotion Scale (MES) across authentic medical learning environments. Journal of Learning and Instruction. Advance online publication.

Duffy, M. C., Ibrahim, M. & Lachapelle, K. (in press). Development of a saphenous vein harvest model for simulated-based assessment. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. Advance online publication.

Duffy, M., Muis, K., & Foy, M. (2017). Examining relations between constructivist pedagogy and pre-service teachers’ epistemic and learning beliefs. In G. Schraw, J. Brownlee, L. Olafson & M. Vanderveldt (Eds.), Teachers’ personal epistemologies: Evolving models for transforming practice (pp. 265-290). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Press.

Duffy, M. C., Lajoie, S., & Lachapelle, K. (2016). Measuring emotions in medical education: Methodological and technological advances within authentic medical learning environments. In S. Bridges, L. K. Chan, & C. E. Hmelo-Silver (Eds.), Educational technologies in contextual learning: Research in health professions education (pp. 181-213). Switzerland: Springer.

Duffy, M. C., Muis, K. R., Foy, M., Trevors, G., & Ranellucci, J. (2016). Exploring relations between teachers’ beliefs, instructional practices, and students’ beliefs in statistics. International Education Research, 4, 37-66.

Duffy, M. C., & Azevedo, R. (2015). Motivation matters: Interactions between achievement goals and scaffolding for self-regulated learning within a multi-agent intelligent tutoring system. Computers in Human Behavior, 52, 338-348.

Duffy, M. C., Azevdeo, R., Sun, N., Griscom, S. E., Stead, V., Crelinsten, L., Wiseman, J., Maniatis, T, & Lachapelle, K. (2015). Team regulation in a medical emergency: An in-depth analysis of cognitive, metacognitive, and affective processes. Instructional Science, 43, 401-426.

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