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College of Education

Faculty and Staff

James D. Kirylo, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Curriculum Studies
Department: Leadership, Learning Design, and Inquiry
College of Education
Phone: 803-777-6401
Office: Wardlaw 233


Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of New Orleans.
M.Ed., Educational Administration, University of New Orleans
M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, University of New Orleans
B.S., Elementary Education, Weber State University

Research Focus

Critical pedagogy, curriculum theory, curriculum development, diversity, teacher leadership, teacher disposition, and literacy

Selected Publications


Kirylo, J.D. (2023). The Catholic teacher: Teaching for social justice with faith, hope, and love. London: Bloomsbury.
Kirylo, J.D. (2021). The thoughtful teacher: Making connections with a diverse student population. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
Kirylo, J.D. (Ed.) (2020). Reinventing pedagogy of the oppressed: Contemporary critical perspectives. London: Bloomsbury.
Kirylo, J.D., & Aldridge, J.A. (2019).  A turning point in teacher education: A time for resistance, reflection and change.  Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
Kirylo, J.D., & Boyd, D. (2017).  Paulo Freire: His faith, spirituality, and theology. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense.
Kirylo, J. D. (Ed.) (2013). A Critical Pedagogy of Resistance:  34 Pedagogues We Need to Know. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense.
Kirylo, J. D. (2011).  Paulo Freire: The Man from Recife  New York: Peter Lang.
Kirylo, J. D. & Nauman, A. K. (Eds.) (2010).  Curriculum Development: Perspectives From Around the World.   Olney, MD:  Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI).

Referred Book Chapters and Articles

Kirylo, J.D., & Muller, M (2023, April). To serve and unite children within a world of diversity is to recognize the presence of God.  Religious Education, pp. 1-4,
Kirylo, J.D. (2022).  A Spirituality of Inclusion and Six Dispositions of Significance: Bringing Eternal Meanings to Our Pedagogical Practice.  In T.M. Kress, C. Emdin, & R. Lake, Critical Pedagogy for Healing (pp. 27-32).  London: Bloomsbury.
Kirylo, J.D. (2020). Meeting the critical pedagogues: A North American context (Paulo Freire and beyond).  In S.R. Steinberg & B. Downs (Eds.) The SAGE handbook of critical pedagogies (1st Edition) (pp. 273-288).  London: Sage Publications.
Kirylo, J.D. (2020). Covid-19 and our illusion of control. In P. Jandrić., & S. Hayes Writing the   History of the Present. Postdigital Science and Education.  00168-7.
Kirylo, J.D. (2018, May). The opt-out movement and the power of parents. Kappan,        99(8), pp. 36-40.
Kirylo, J.D. (2017). An overview of multicultural education in the USA: grandest social experiment. Social Studies Research and Practice, 12(3), 354-357. 
Kirylo, J.D. (2017, May) Hate won, but love will have the final word: Critical pedagogy, liberation theology, and the moral imperative of resistance.  Policy Futures in Education, 15(5), 590-601
Kirylo, J. D. (2013).  Never forget 12/14/12. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 10(2), 133-136.
Kirylo, J. (2013).  Introduction: Critical pedagogy in an age of the marketization of education. In L.M. Christensen & J. Aldridge Critical Pedagogy for Early Childhood and Elementary Educators (pp. 1-4). New York: Springer.
Kirylo, J. D. (2012, Winter). Pedagogy of the oppressed: The publication process of Paulo Freire’s seminal work. Social Studies Research and Practice, 7(3), 122-129.
Kirylo, J. (2009, Spring). The Election of Barack Obama: A Teachable Moment. Focus on Teacher Education: A Quarterly ACEI Publication for the Education Community, 9(3), 1, 6.
Kirylo, J. D., & Nauman, A. (2006). The depersonalization of education and the language of accountability: A view from a local newspaper.  Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, (3)1, 187-206.
Kirylo, J.  (2006). Preferential Option for the Poor: Making a Pedagogical Choice.  Childhood Education, 82(5), 266-270 (Annual Theme Issue).
Kirylo, J. (2005). The Seduction of Being Entrenched in the Circuit of Our Own Truth and the Antidote of Humility Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, (2)2, 28-30.
Kirylo, J.D. (2001, Spring).  A historical overview of liberation theology: Some implications for the Christian educator.  Journal of Research on Christian Education, 10(1), 53-86.

Selected Presentations

Kirylo, J.D. (2023, April). The spirituality of the Catholic teacher and teaching for social justice. AERA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
Kirylo, J.D. (2021, October). A Spirituality of Inclusion and Six Dispositions of Significance: Bringing Eternal Meanings to our Pedagogical Practice. American Association of Teaching and Curriculum, 27th Annual Conference, Albuquerque, N.M.
Kirylo, J.D. (2020, October). Book Talk: Reinventing pedagogy of the oppressed: Contemporary critical perspectives. Curriculum & Pedagogy Group, 21st Annual Conference (Virtual).Kirylo, J.D., & Boyd, D. (2018, October). Paulo Freire: His faith, spirituality, and theology (book talk). Paper presented at the Conference on Critical Pedagogy and Paulo Freire.  University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.
Kirylo, J.D. (2018, April) Discussant (Response) to Peter McLaren’s talk,“Towards a Liberation theology in desperate times.”  Paper presented at the Religion and Education SIG meeting, AERA 99th Annual Meeting, New York, NY.
Kirylo, J.D.  (2017, October). Plenary speaker: Critical pedagogy.  Paper presented at the Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership 9th Annual Congress, Torino, Italy.
Kirylo, J. (2016). Book Talk: Teaching with Purpose: An Inquiry into the Who, Why, and How We           Teach.  The 17th Annual Curriculum & Pedagogy Conference, Cleveland, OH.
Kirylo, J. (2014).  The Unfinished Completed Life of Paulo Freire in Light of the Theological Virtues.   AERA 95th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
Kirylo, J. (2012). Paulo Freire: Vagabond of the Obvious. (Featured Speaker) The Fifth Annual Anti-Racist/Anti-Bias Conference, Franklin, Wisconsin.
Kirylo, J., Mirón, L, Perry, A. (2012). The 2012 Hurricane that Hit K-12 and Higher Education (Symposium). The 13th Annual Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Kirylo, J. (2012). Critical Pedagogy: Leadership Through Teacher Research. (Featured Panelist) PECERA 13th Annual Conference (Pacific Early Childhood Education Research  Association),  Singapore.
Kirylo, J. (2011). Critical Pedagogy: Transformative Thinking and Action in the Classroom.  ACEI International Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Kirylo, J. (2009, March). What It Means to be a Quality Teacher. ACEI International Conference, Chicago, IL.
Kirylo, J. (2008, October). The Qualities and Characteristics of an Effective Teacher.  Phi Delta Kappa International Summit, San Antonio, TX.
Kirylo, J. (2008, February). The Newspaper, Shaping Public Opinion, and the Role of Teacher Education Programs. ATE Conference, New Orleans, LA.

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