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College of Pharmacy

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Recognizing Excellence in our USC Pharmacy Community

Announcing the Spring 2020 College of Pharmacy Awards

Posted on: May 7, 2020

The culmination of the Spring semester is exciting to our students, faculty, and staff for many reasons. It's a time we typically come together to celebrate the many successes of our UofSC pharmacy community, with events such as the Graduating Class Awards Luncheon and College of Pharmacy Spring Banquet.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from celebrating the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff with in-person events, it is crucial to recognize these individuals as they characterize the hard work, dedication and compassion that makes the College of Pharmacy a true family. Please join us in congratulating all of the individuals who have worked diligently this year and whose efforts have positively affected the lives of so many others.


Pharm.D. Class of 2020

APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate

Presented to Abigail Takacs, who participated and made the greatest contribution to the UofSC APhA-ASP chapter, which provided a more fulfilling, productive, and enjoyable learning experience for members. Sponsored by American Pharmacists Association. 

Community Service Award

Presented to Katherine Olsen, who made significant contributions in her community through community service activities as a College of Pharmacy student.

Deans Award

Presented to Caroline Sanders, who demonstrated excellence in pharmacy practice.

Excellence in Clinical Communication Award

Presented to Gabrielle Pierce, who demonstrated superior verbal and written communication skills throughout her time at the College of Pharmacy.

Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award

Presented to Alexa Swingle, who demonstrated commitment to public health and the pharmacy profession. Sponsored by United States Public Health Service.

Integrative Medicine Award

Presented to Meredith Kelderhouse, who demonstrated promise in improving patient care through integrative medicine and showed an appreciation of combining natural and conventional medicine with lifestyle modifications to enhance patient outcomes.

Interprofessional Award

Presented to Julia Brown, who participated in and made significant contributions to interprofessional initiatives.

Merck Manual Award for Academic Excellence

Presented to James Cranford, Morgan E. Ingerson and Chloe E. LeBegue, for outstanding scholastic achievement in pharmacy studies. Sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc.

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award

Presented to Melissa O'Neal, who demonstrated high professional motivation with proficiency in drug information services. Sponsored by Mylan Institute of Pharmacy.

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award

Presented to Janie Ferren, who demonstrated outstanding scholastic qualities throughout her time at the College of Pharmacy and received the highest GPA.

Outstanding Student Leadership Award

Presented to Abigail Bouknight, who demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities throughout her time at the College of Pharmacy. Sponsored by the UofSC Campus Phi Lambda Sigma Chapter.

Professionalism Award

Presented to Heather Hembree, who demonstrated exemplary professional behavior, integrity, compassion and respect while representing the College.

Pharm.D. Students

Unsung Hero Award (P1)

Presented to Karen Hawkins who demonstrating leadership and outstanding service within the P1 class as identified by her peers.

Unsung Hero Award (P2)

Presented to Dawn Jensen for demonstrating leadership and outstanding service within the P2 class as identified by her peers.

Selection of the Class of 2021 Graduation Speaker

Presented to Courtney Jackson who was selected by her peers to address the graduates, faculty and attendees during the Class of 2021 Convocation & Hooding Ceremony. 

Student Organization Service Award

Presented to the Student National Pharmaceutical Association for the exceptional voluntary contributions that student members of this organization made within the community. 

Kappa Epsilon Service Award

Presented to Jackie Altman, who demonstrated exemplary service within a variety of community outreach activities.

Phi Lambda Sigma First Year Leadership Award

Presented to Emily BrackettAlycia SpringsAditya Pradhan, and Kayla Kinsey for exceeding as leaders within their class and organizations during their first year of pharmacy school.

Phi Lambda Sigma "JAM UP" Award

Presented to a non-PLS member who goes above and beyond as “just a member” in their organizations and chair positions. Presented to Brenae Wilson, who exemplified what it means to lead regardless of leadership titles. 

Theresa Smith Award for Biochemistry

Presented to Vanessa Poirier for achieving the highest semester grade point average in the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry course. This award was created by the college in honor and memory of Dr. Theresa Smith who served as a faculty member that, among other things, taught the majority of the pharmaceutical biochemistry sequence.


Graduate Students

Graduate Student of the Year Award

Presented to Matthew Strauss who exemplifies the qualities towards becoming an outstanding independent investigator.


Alumni and Friends 

Outstanding Mentor Award

Presented to Amanda Wannamaker, Pharm.D., of Lexington Medical Center, who served as a role model and advisor by contributing significantly to the professional development of students outside of the classroom environment through mentoring activities.


Faculty and Staff

Teacher of the Year (P1)

Presented to Douglas Pittman, Ph.D., who excelled in teaching, established rapport with the students and modeled professional characteristics as chosen by this year’s P1 class. 

Teacher of the Year (P2)

Presented to Brianne Dunn, Pharm.D., who excelled in teaching, established rapport with the students and modeled professional characteristics as chosen by this year’s P2 class. 

Teacher of the Year (P3)

Presented to Caitlin Mardis, Pharm.D., who excelled in teaching, established rapport with the students and modeled professional characteristics as chosen by this year’s P3 class. 

Ms. Diane Wise Award

Presented to Samantha Peterson for her dedication and actions that exceed expectations to allow for student success, as identified by the student body.  This award was created by the student body in honor and memory of Ms. Diane Wise who served as a staff member that dedicated her career to assisting students at all levels in the college. 

All awards are sponsored by the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy unless otherwise denoted.

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