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College of Pharmacy

    Functional Genomics Core

    COBRE Center for Targeted Therapeutics

    The Functional Genomics Core Facility offers state-of-the-art resources and solutions for conducting genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and functional genomics projects.

    FGC works with researchers to determine project goals and design custom solutions. FGC assists at all stages of the projects, from support in grant development to generation of publication-quality data.


    • Gene Expression analysis
    • Epigenomics
    • Genotyping and genome sequencing
    • Functional screening
    • Training and Workshops


    Our Services

    • Consultations
    • Bioinformatics
    • Nucleic Acids purification, quantification and QC
    • DNA Sequencing (SANGER and NGS)
    • Library Constructions for NGS applications
    • Microarray Hybridizarion
    • Real Time PCR
    • Custom epigenomics applications
    • Lentiviral vectors and lentiviruses: construction and production
    • CRIPR-CAS9sgRNAs and RNAi/shRNAs: knockdown of individual genes and functional screening of sgRNA and shRNA libraries for target identification

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