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College of Pharmacy

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Flow Cytometry Core Facility uses state-of-the-art resources to provide training and services in flow cytometry.

Flow Cytometry Core Resources

The BD LSR II has digital electronics for increased speed, a 3-laser optical bench, and can detect 8 fluorescent parameters plus two physical parameters and a time parameter.

  • Coherent Sapphire solid state 488 nm
  • JDS Uniphase 1344P HeNe 640 nm
  • Coherent Vioflame solid state 405 nm

The Flow Cytometry Core has a Beckman Coulter FC500 MCL System with CXP software for both technician-assisted and user-independent data acquisition. The Cytomic FC500 MCL system has a uniphase argon ion 488nm laser and five color capability (FITC, PE, ECD, PC5 or APC and PC7).

The FC 500 System provides automated tube based acquisition for cell based assays.

Utilizing powerful CXP software, investigators can create custom panel reports and perform multiple tube panel based analysis.

The automated QC database allows daily monitoring of instrument QC. 

The BD FACS Aria is a high-speed cell sorter. New-generation digital electronics allow high speed analysis and sorting (>20,000 cells per second).

The FACS Aria optical system is configured with three excitation lasers and can detect 9 fluorescent parameters simultaneously (plus 2 physical parameters and a time parameter).

Additionally, the FACS Aria offers numerous sorting options which include 4-way sorting, sorting to microtiter plates or glass slides, and customizable settings to optimize sort yield and purity.

The FACS Aria laser excitation wavelengths and partial list fluorochromes that can be utilized on the   instrument are listed in the table.



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