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Pharmacy Faculty, Staff and Students Share Resolutions for 2021

For many of us, the beginning of a new year brings with it many opportunities – the chance to reflect on the previous year, to give thought to what we might have done differently and pronounce goals for self-improvement in the coming year. We were curious about what some of our College of Pharmacy community resolutions might be, so we asked and here’s what they had to share -


“My resolutions for 2021 are to prioritize my mental health, spend more time with friends and family, travel and visit my parents who are stationed in Belgium (fingers crossed), read more, spend less time on social media and practice my medical Spanish!”

Thayra Rios Schad, Class of 2022

“My dad grew up loving the game of golf and wanted the same for his children. At the time, I didn’t have much interest, but my brother was a natural, going on to play Division 1 in college (proud big sis)! Over the past few years, I have expressed regret to my parents in never learning how to play. This Christmas, my family gifted me a new set of clubs and in 2021, I am going to FINALLY play. I am so thankful to my family for this gift and excited to spend time with my husband out on the course!”

Reagan Barfield, Pharm.D., Assistant Professor

“My resolutions - Professional: Identify the impact of stress and diet on colorectal cancer. Personal: To eat healthy, stress less, and to practice what I preach!"

Lorne J. Hofseth, Ph.D., Professor

“Each year since residency I have found something health or self-care related to improve upon such as exercising or cooking healthier meals. This year’s resolution is to improve my skincare routine, which is something that has definitely been on the backburner for me!”

– Jordan Cooler, Pharm.D., Assistant Professor

"My resolution for 2021 is to remember important lessons I learned in 2020 and to apply those lessons to my life going forward. Lessons I hope to apply in a meaningful way include never again taking 'normal' for granted; treating others the way I wish to be treated may not be enough - I need to find out how the other person wishes to be treated so that I can do that instead; and time spent with my family and friends, unplugged from the rest of the world, is not wasted time but time well spent.”

Julie Sease, Pharm.D., Senior Associate Dean

“I would like to hone my gardening skills, currently almost non-existent, and grow a vegetable garden this year.”

Nikki Mellen, M.Ed., Director of Admissions

“I am excited for 2021 as this is the first year I will be reading the Bible in full. With the help of a paced app, I am starting my day with quiet time, reading the Bible, and gratitude journaling. I will not watch any television during the week, instead of using any free time in the evening to watch Netflix. I will read more books for fun, listen to more podcasts, or use the extra time to go to bed earlier. My last resolution is to schedule at least two 'friend dates' per week. With resources like Facetime, Zoom, and the outdoors, I am excited to spend quality time with the people I love.”

Meghan McTavish, Class of 2022

“Arrive home from work every day in time to spend a few precious moments with my newborn twins, Helio and Runa.”

Julie Ann Justo, Pharm.D., Associate Professor

“Focus even more on health and wellbeing – I want to close the rings on my Apple Watch every day. So far so good!”

Jennifer Baker, Pharm.D., Director of Experiential Education

“One of my professional goals for 2021 is to provide career readiness support for all of our students.  With the creation of the Kennedy Career Enhancement Series and my passion for working with individuals in all areas of career development, it is my hope that our students will be head and shoulders above all others in their career search. On a personal note, I hope to be the best grandmother, aka MaeMe, to my two precious grandchildren.”

Pamela E. Hite, KPIC Program Coordinator

“My work resolution is to help all of my colleagues in my position as interim chair of DDBS. The department has been such a collegial and cooperative place for my academic career. I wish to see this continue.”

Mike Wyatt, Ph.D., Interim Chair, Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences

“I hope to physically organize my house and office this year. I’ve been inspired by The Home Edit and I want a super organized pantry, desk, and closets.”

Sarah Sipes, Associate Director, Development and Alumni Engagement

What are your resolutions for 2021? Share them with us on the UofSC College of Pharmacy social media channels.

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