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College of Pharmacy

  • Group of students in white lab coats and face masks

Class of 2025 Receives White Coats

The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy Class of 2025 received their white coats during a ceremony held Friday, August 20. Students gathered with a limited number of family and friends, along with the college’s faculty and staff, to embark on the voyage that will lead them to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in just four short years.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students coated themselves and as they walked across the stage at the Koger Center, each signed the Pledge of Professionalism. They also learned the name of the donor who graciously sponsored the coat they received through a generous donation, as each donor’s name was written on a card and placed in the pocket of each white coat.

The meaning behind the ceremony was evident as students thought about what receiving their coat meant to them. Amber Burroughs of Columbia, South Carolina, says she has come a long way to reach this point in her studies.

“My grandmother, when I was growing up, had cancer. One of her doctors was a pharmacist and a physician,” she recalls. “As a little girl I would ask him questions and he would quiz me about her medications. That geared me towards choosing pharmacy as a profession.”

Jordan Franklin, from St. Matthews, South Carolina, says she has officially ‘made it.’

“All the hard work and dedication is paying off. Now it just means some more hard work! I’m very excited to start pharmacy school and to grow into a pharmacist,” she says.

Hinal Patel, also from Columbia, will be the first pharmacist and health care professional in her family.

“Today means a lot because we are starting a new journey,” she says. “I’ve been preparing for this throughout my whole life. So, it’s really exciting – a little bit of nervousness – but more excitement than anything else.”

Wear your white coat proudly. Never lose that sense of pride you feel at this moment, and never forget the responsibility that you now carry.

Julie Sease, Pharm.D.  Interim Dean, College of Pharmacy

In her remarks to the new student pharmacists, Interim Dean Julie Sease reminded the students what the white coat represents - professionalism and knowledge, but even more than that.

“It also stands for trust – the trust that your patients and the public will place in your ability to provide the best care and the best information possible. Your patients will rely on you, even at moments when they are afraid, when they are at their most vulnerable, when they are in pain. You will become an invaluable resource for them.”

In closing, Sease also reminded the students that it would be a day they will long remember.

“Wear your white coat proudly. Never lose that sense of pride you feel at this moment, and never forget the responsibility that you now carry.”

The College of Pharmacy is grateful to our many donors and friends who supported this year’s White Coat Fund.

Brenda & Ares Artemes

Caroline A. Asbill

Jennifer L. Baker

Nancy F. Beale

Gary B. Bell

Sondra H. Berger

Elizabeth W. Blake

Debra & Paul Bookstaver

Nicole & Brandon Bookstaver

Lisabeth A. Boudreaux

Gail & Wayne Buff

Dennis W. Burdette

J. Dan Bushardt, Jr.

Anne M. Campbell
in memory of Mr. Charles M. Campbell

Rita & Stephen Coggins

Frances & Lynn Connelly

James M. Cordan

Susan & Ken Couch

Marion R. Crowell

Custom Prescription Shoppe

Jill & Stephen Cutler

Robert E. Davis

Judy Dennis
in honor of Savannah Odom

Terry J. Dixon

Deanna & Brian Duffie
in honor of Kennedy Duffie

Brianne L. Dunn

Mary Anne Ehasz
in memory of Mr. Andrew Joseph Ehasz

Emily & Tom Evans

Federal Pharmacists Association SC Regional Chapter

Debbie Francis and Deborah Tapley

L. Clifton Fuhrman

Demi & Keene Garvin

Vicki W. Goff

Leslie and William Gooding
in honor of Samuel A. Eaton

Amy D. Grant

Bernard Gunter

Agatha H. Hagepanos

Benjamin H. Hamilton
in honor of Professor Emeritus J. Walter Sowell, Ph.D.

Yorika & Emanuel Hammett

Carol & Parks Hill

Susan & John Holladay

Brenda & Davis Hook

Joseph H. Hourihan

Jon Howell

Roy & Lottie Hudgens

Cory M. Jenks

Jacob A. Jordan

Minou Khazan

Carol & Ray Kitchen
in honor of Robert Connor Owens

Maribeth & Paul Kowalski

Patti T. Langston

Christine S. Latham

Ashley R. Leaphart

James A. Long

Margaret P. Lorick

Robert S. Loryea

Morgan L. Mace

John C. Matthews

Whitney D. Maxwell

Everett B. McAllister

Diane & Andy McColl

Sara & Jonathan McFall

Jill E. Michels

Mary H. Milliones
in memory of Mr. Peter T. Milliones

Julia G. Mims

Hubert F. Mobley

Kathy Quarles Moore

Emily A. Moose

Wade E. Moose
in honor Of Dr. Emily A. Moose

Susan & Bill Mosier
in honor of Thomas Taylor

Harry W. Muldrow

Sarah "Sis" Mullis

Briana P. Murray

Jennifer & Joe Musgrave

Stanley P. Papajohn

Elizabeth & David Parker

Vuong D. Pham

Pharmacy Synergistics, Inc.

Douglas Pittman

Carlotta W. Porterfield

Beverly Quarles

Ashley & Buck Ray

Nancy & Gene Reeder

Mark, Emily, Madelyn,
and Joshua Ridley
in honor of Jonathan W. June

Riley's Drugs
in honor of Robert Perry (’65)

Jerry W. Robinson

J. Michael Ross

Julie M. Sease

Caroline E. Seay

Deborah H. Sheffield

Beth & Mitchell Sherr
in honor of Mr. Scott B. Sherr

James F. Shuler

Ashley B. Smith

Allison Smith

Carolyn & James Stevenson

Nancy P. Tam-Hui

Janet N. Thames

April W. Thompkins

Jarrod B. Tippins

Jeffery C. Tuori

Jeanette H. Walker

Sarah K. Waller
in honor of Joshua Kim

Marilyn Wells

Debby & Ted Williams

Marjorie S. Wright

Michael D. Wyatt

Carter Zentner
in honor of Catherine Bishop


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