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  • Alexis Caronis

Moving Ahead

Pharmacy students and alumni accept post-graduate positions

For fourth-year pharmacy students seeking post graduate work, Match Day is often one of the most exciting times of their student experience. While the majority of these students will learn results on this year’s Match Day, March 19, several students and first-year residents have already received and accepted offers of fellowships and other post-graduate training.

I envision a future where the multi-faceted role of a pharmacist is known and celebrated by all ...

Alexis Caronis, Class of 2021, accepted an executive fellowship with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance based in Washington, D.C. The program works to foster development of core skill sets in project management, quality metric design and implementation, non-profit administration and association management, and health care quality research.

“Association management seemed like the most strategic next step in my career,” Caronis says. “I believe the focus on health care quality measurement and improvement through research is vital to pharmacy practice transformation. I envision a future where the multi-faceted role of a pharmacist is known and celebrated by all, and this fellowship will allow me to gain skills and simultaneously contribute to the practice transformation.”

Aiya Almogaber, Class of 2021, also accepted an opportunity in Washington, D.C as an executive resident with the American Pharmacists Association. She will serve in APhA’s practice department, working with the development of practice tools and resources, member engagement activities, project management, advocacy efforts, research projects and more.

“An executive residency position with APhA will give me the opportunity to advocate for the pharmacy profession at the largest scale,” she says. “My experiences as a student have shown me the potential for growth and the impact a national association can have.”

I pursued an Industry Fellowship in Oncology Medical Affairs to drive innovation in the field ...

Jessica Shue, Class of 2021, accepted a fellowship with Novartis in conjunction with the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Fellowships, an industry-based training program that partners with leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in U.S. Oncology Medical Information/Global Oncology MSL Strategy/Medical Information.

"I pursued an Industry Fellowship in Oncology Medical Affairs to drive innovation in the field and pursue my passion for interacting with and educating others. Knowledge and information are powerful resources, especially when treating cancer. By educating others in this field, I hope to improve and extend the lives of patients affected by cancer."

Gabby Pierce, 2020 Pharm.D., currently in a PGY1 residency in specialty pharmacy at the University of Illinois Chicago, accepted an Executive Fellowship in Association Leadership and Management with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. She is eager to make an impact on a broader national scale.

“This fellowship is a combination of all my favorite things: business and management, professional association involvement, government affairs, and even specialty pharmacy,” she says. “I have always been drawn to more nontraditional pharmacist roles and working with ASHP will give me the chance to hone many of these skills that will better prepare me for a future career in association management or another similar role.”

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