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College of Pharmacy

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Class of 2026 Receives White Coats

The UofSC College of Pharmacy presented the Class of 2026 with their white coats during a ceremony held August 19 at the Koger Center.

The college welcomed 99 student pharmacists representing 15 states and two foreign nations, Taiwan and India. The class boasts a cumulative grade point average of 3.6. 

UofSC welcomed 99 new student pharmacists representing 15 states and two foreign nations.

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Ranarda Jones, ’03, owner of PSyn, Inc., served as guest speaker for the ceremony. She advises students to take their gifts, along with the ones they discover during the course of their studies over the next four years, and contemplate how they can contribute to the profession of pharmacy.

“Explore, find a mentor, ask questions,” she says. “Do what it takes to make sure the next four years are the most rewarding in your college career and set the foundation for countless experiences as a pharmacist.”

Dean Stephen J. Cutler noted the history and tradition of the white coat, emphasizing the responsibility required of the wearer. He directed students to a card in the pocket of their coat with the name of an individual or group who graciously contributed to purchasing it.

The College of Pharmacy is grateful to our many donors and friends who supported this year’s White Coat Fund.

Brenda & Ares Artemes

David M. Banks

Tony & Carolyn Bartley

Gretchen E. Baudendistel

Michael K. Bedenbaugh

Elizabeth W. Blake

Debra & Paul Bookstaver

Nicole & Brandon Bookstaver

Gail & Wayne Buff

Dennis W. Burdette

J. Dan Bushardt, Jr.

Julie & Phil Byers

Amanda C. Capino

Jordan C. Cooler Haygood

Frances & Lynn Connelly

James M. Cordan
In honor of Nathan Poole

Susan & Ken Couch

Marion R. Crowell

Jill & Stephen Cutler

Robert E. Davis

Christie C. DeBruhl

Michele K. DelleBovi

Terry J. Dixon

Brianne L. Dunn

Mary Anne Ehasz
In memory of Mr. Andrew Joseph Ehasz

Derek L. Ekaitis
In memory of Dr. Craig R. Roberson, Class of 2013

Emily & Tom Evans

Federal Pharmacists Association

Julian H. Fincher

Lucinda & Emmett Fox

Debbie Francis & Deborah Tapley

Devon N. Gangaware

Kaye & Greg Gerrald

Vicki W. Goff

Amy D. Grant

Linda & Bernard Gunter

Benjamin H. Hamilton
In honor of Dr. Joseph W. Sowell, Sr.

Hickmans Prescription Druggists, Inc.

Pamela E. Hite

Brett R. Hodges

Susan & John Holladay

Brenda & Davis Hook

Jon C. Howell

Lottie & Roy Hudgens

Cory M. Jenks

JMR Corporation, Inc.

Julie Ann Justo

Nicole S. Kennedy

Minou Khazan

Carol & Ray Kitchen

Emily L. Koutroulakis

Maribeth & Paul Kowalski

Christine S. Latham

Ashley R. Leaphart

Jim & Jane Long

Bob & Carolyn Loryea

Zhiqiang Lu

Lyman Drug, Inc. 

John C. Matthews

John and Lauren Matthews

Diane & Andy McColl

Sara & Jonathan McFall

Medicine Mart

Nikki Mellen

Jill E. Michels

Ashley P. Miller - Sullivan

Mary H. Milliones

Julia G. Mims

Freddie H. Moore

Kathy Quarles Moore

Donna & Wade Moose

Joanne & Philip Mubarak

Sarah R. Mullis

Jennifer & Joseph Musgrave

Rebecca & Mike Nelson

Danielle L. O'Neal

Stanley P. Papajohn

Lacey E. Paschal

Amit B. Patel

Janis & Steve Patton

Deborah & Douglas Pittman

Sharon & William Pitts

Carlotta W. Porterfield

Dianne & Robert Prost

Pugh Drug Inc.

Nancy & Gene Reeder

Carolyn T. Robinson

J. Michael Ross

Wendy & Patrick Schilling

Julie M. Sease

Deborah H. Sheffield

Beth & Mitchell Sherr
In honor of Mr. Scott B. Sherr

James F. Shuler

Melanie & Michael Shuster

Ashley B. Smith

South Carolina Pharmacy Foundation

Kristen A. Spoon

Carolyn S. Stevenson

James C. Suarez

April W. Thompkins

Jarrod B. Tippins

Megan & Sean Tran

Margaret & Jeff Tuori

Lindsay A. Waddington

Tyler D. Wagner

Donna J. Walker
In memory of Tony Walker

Sarah & Lee Waller

Emily C. Ware

Angela S. Whitlock

Debby & Ted Williams

Paquita M. Wood

Marjorie S. Wright

Rhonda & William Wynn

Douglas R. Yoch

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