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Introducing the 2022-23 Creators@COP

This year, the College of Pharmacy launched a new pathway for Pre-Pharmacy and Pharm.D. students with a love for social media to share the exciting things they experience as a student at UofSC.

Four students were selected to serve as social media ambassadors and represent their classmates by creating content for the COP digital platforms. Participating students are awarded the Creators@COP scholarship to generate photo, video, and blog content over the course of the fall and spring semesters.

This initiative will provide a behind-the-scenes look at pharmacy student life for prospective students, parents, alumni and others. Follow the College of Pharmacy on social media to keep up with our 2022-23 Creators@COP.

Meet the Creators

I look forward to sharing the experience at the Greenville campus and everything this beautiful city has to provide, as well as the key differences P3 year has compared to previous years in pharmacy school.

Emily Herring, Pharm.D. Candidate (P3)
Female student in white coat

Name: Emily Herring (Newton, NJ)

Interested in: Clinical Pharmacy, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

Likes: Futurama, Elvis, the color green, my mini schnauzer, and working out 

Dislikes: Cooked fish, bad smells, crocodiles 

Why did you choose the University of South Carolina? 
I chose South Carolina because I knew I wanted to go somewhere far away from home, and UofSC had a great spirit and environment. Fun fact: The main reason I ultimately chose it was because, whenever I visited, almost every student walking around was wearing Gamecock gear (and seemed to be pretty proud of it, too!) and that was the type of school I felt like I could call home.

I want to share how close-knit the college can feel. You can make close relationships with your professors and within the organizations in the college. Your next opportunity may come from a simple introduction here in the COP.

Rachel Smith, Pharm.D. Candidate (P2)
Female student in white coat

Name: Rachel Smith (Atlanta, GA)

Interested in: Ambulatory Care, Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmacy Administration

Likes: Lovecraft Country, Alien vs. Predator, serving at Oliver Gospel Mission, and cooking/trying new foods

Dislikes: Ketchup, dresses/pants without pockets, and when I forget my chapstick

Why did you choose the University of South Carolina? 
UofSC feels like home. I knew the faculty and staff I would meet in the Honors College and the College of Pharmacy would care about my success.

I am so eager to show followers on the @UofSCPharm accounts how much I really love the College of Pharmacy and being a student here. I can’t wait to do a day-in-the-life and show potential new students and parents just how diverse, engaging, and fun being a pharmacy student at this university can be!

Haley Nicholas (P1)
Student in white coat holding bouquet of flowers

Name: Haley Nicholas (Middletown, NJ)

Interested in: Clinical Pharmacy, Oncology, Pediatrics, Women’s Health

Likes: Live music, sunrises and sunsets, avocado toast, chai tea lattes, and Biochemistry

Dislikes: Seafood, cold rainy days, and traffic - especially on the way to class!

Why did you choose the University of South Carolina? 
I always wanted to attend a university in the south with a big football program and a lot of school spirit. Combined with my acceptance into the GPA program for undergrad, the beautiful weather, and the best campus atmosphere, it was a no-brainer to make UofSC my home away from home.

I look forward to sharing the exciting and interesting parts behind the scenes of a STEM major and the close-knit community of pre-pharm students at UofSC.

Emma French, Pre-Pharmacy (Freshman)
Emma French

Name: Emma French (La Plata, Maryland)

Interested in: Pharmaceutical Research

Likes: Lacrosse, volunteering, sushi, the beach, and the Detroit Lions

Dislikes: Kiwi (I'm allergic 🙁), winter, cold weather, and bad drivers

Why did you choose the University of South Carolina? 
Right when I visited UofSC for admitted student day I knew that it would become home. I fell in love with the campus, the people, the atmosphere, and - most importantly - the faculty and staff’s dedication to student success. 

Topics: Student Experience, Pharm.D. Program, Pre-Pharmacy Program, Social Media




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