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Right where I belong — at USC

Did you get tired of hearing the old cliché about college searches, “you will end up right where you belong”?

I certainly did. I felt that it was just something people told disappointed students to ease their suffering. However, as time goes on, I am becoming a believer.

So, how did a rural New Hampshire girl end up at the University of South Carolina?

The answer is simple: marketing. I wanted to go to a warmer climate and had originally considered schools in Florida, but that seemed way too far for my family. Then, out of the blue, a glossy booklet arrived from the University of South Carolina.

The centerfold was a picture of the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center pool. It rivaled the Club Med brochure we had received the week before and I pictured myself right there.

My college search was complicated by the fact that I was not totally sure about my major. I had it narrowed down to Biomedical Engineering or Pharmacy. These two majors were challenging to find at the same school. I did not want to limit myself to only one of them — enter the Gamecocks.

I began my studies at USC as an engineering major, only to realize that I truly preferred chemistry over physics. After completing a summer internship in the field, I was convinced that engineering was not my passion. I applied for the College of Pharmacy in my sophomore year and never looked back.

I have an instructor who says that I should go to law school. Sometimes I wonder
if that is professor-speak for, “you are a challenging student.” I hope not.

My point is that not everyone at age eighteen knows exactly what they want to pursue. Therefore, it seems to make sense to leave your options open by attending a school like the University of South Carolina where they offer many degree options.

In addition to my Pharm.D., I am applying to get an MBA. Also, if I choose to follow my professor’s advice and apply to law school, I could do that here as well. The opportunities are endless!

In closing, I feel fully supported by the faculty at the College of Pharmacy and have made many friends. It is truly an example of ending up right where I belong.

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