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  • Alumni Q&A - Taylor Ward

Q&A with Taylor Ward ('16)

"...with flowers blooming and the weather warming up, it was an easy decision."

A charming campus and sub-tropical climate drew Taylor Ward (2016 Pharm.D.) from her hometown in New Hampshire to South Carolina to study pharmacy. Since graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, she traveled the globe and landed back in New England, as a clinical pharmacist at Boston Medical Center caring for patients living with HIV.

Tell us about what you do: 

I am a clinical pharmacy specialist at Boston Medical Center in the HIV and Infectious Diseases clinic. I manage complex HIV patients as well as some of their primary care comorbidities. At BMC, I work under a Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM) agreement and manage these patients through our ID pharmacist clinic.

How did you originally get interested in your field?

I was interested in science in high school, which eventually evolved into a health care interest. I had a friend whose dad was a pharmacist which prompted me to consider it as a career choice. I followed the Pre-Pharmacy track at USC and continued to learn about the profession during that time.

Why did you choose the University of South Carolina?

I was looking for a school that offered a College of Pharmacy as well as a competitive cheerleading program. Being from New England, when I toured USC in April with flowers blooming and the weather warming up, it was an easy decision. I’m so thankful I ended up at a large SEC school with an awesome College of Pharmacy!

What class or professor was most memorable to you? 

Dr. Bookstaver and Dr. Justo were two professors that solidified my interest in infectious diseases interest and ultimately influenced me to pursue PGY2 training. They made understanding a complex disease state more digestible.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I really enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring new places and anything that involves water (lakes, beaches, etc.)

What is top of your bucket list?

Travel! When I graduated, I went on a 2.5 week European adventure with a couple of my best friends. We explored London, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome and Paris. I would love to do a similar trip to Europe with different cities. 

What is your advice for current students / future pharmacy professionals?

Enter each rotation with an open mind - A challenging rotation might just surprise you and make you reconsider your next steps. During school, set yourself up for success by getting involved and meeting new people.

Looking back, is there anything you wish you had done differently?

No regrets! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at USC. For current students, take advantage of opportunities presented to you and don’t hesitate to say yes to things you have even the smallest interest in!

What is your favorite memory from pharmacy school?

The friends I have made from late night study sessions, Carolina football games or other pharmacy school functions will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though we now live in different states, a group of us still get together at least once a year. 

What would your superpower be?

Teleportation. If I could eliminate the need to drive or fly places I would be in a different city every weekend.

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