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Broude Receives Full Professorship

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, the College of Pharmacy congratulates Eugenia Broude, professor in the department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences. Broude is the first woman to receive a full professorship in the College of Pharmacy.

The road to this moment has been paved with both opportunities and obstacles. Broude grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her father was a physicist and her mother an engineer. While attending school there, she braved three bus rides and an hour-long walk to petition to attend the only school where she could study biology, chemistry and math.

She went on to earn a doctorate in biochemistry/molecular biology from the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology and neuroscience at the U.S. National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. 

Broude joined the College of Pharmacy as a member of the SmartState Center for Translational Cancer Therapeutics in 2011 and was promoted to associate professor in 2016. In that time, Broude has authored and co-authored multiple articles related to her research on the effects of anticancer drugs on the tumor cells and to aid in the discovery and analysis of novel drugs targets that improve the efficacy of current cancer treatments. Her most recent research focuses on overcoming the drug resistance and suppressing metastasis of breast and ovarian cancers.

I want to encourage the next generation of researchers to begin their careers, because without research, science cannot advance...

Eugenia Broude

Her laboratory findings have resulted in a clinical trial to improve the treatment of patients with metastatic hormone receptor positive breast cancer, a major milestone for a translational researcher.

“I hope to see my translational research lead to the approval of new treatment regimens for cancer patients, extending and saving lives," says Broude. “This would be the ultimate mark of success for my entire research endeavor.”

While at USC, Broude has received 12 grants as a principal investigator, as well as grants where she has served as a coinvestigator and as a mentor for students’ grants and fellowships totaling around $5.7M. Students in Broude’s lab have won several ASPIRE, SPARC, Magellan, Magellan Journey and Honors College awards. 

Broude hopes that by sharing her career path, she can serve as a role model for those seeking opportunities in research, especially women. “I want to encourage the next generation of researchers to begin their careers, because without research, science cannot advance.”

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