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Spring 2024 College of Pharmacy Awards

The end of another school year brings with it much joy and celebration as students, faculty and staff are recognized for their hard work throughout the year. Join us in acknowledging each of these outstanding student pharmacists, faculty and staff members for their dedication and achievement. 


Pharm.D. Class of 2024

Presented at the College of Pharmacy P4 Awards Luncheon, April 30, 2024

APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate

Presented to Anna R. Cooke, who participated and made the greatest contribution to the USC APhA-ASP chapter, which provided a more fulfilling, productive, and enjoyable learning experience for members. Sponsored by American Pharmacists Association.

Community Service Award

Presented to Daniel L. Rose, who made significant contributions through community service activities as a pharmacy student.

Deans Award

Presented to Daniel S. Schreiber and CharLeigh J. Steverson, who demonstrated excellence in pharmacy practice.

Excellence in Clinical Communication Award

Presented to Madeline A. Lysogorski, who demonstrated superior verbal and written communication skills.

Integrative Medicine Award

Presented to Ryan A. Gourdine, who demonstrated promise in improving patient care through integrative medicine.

Interprofessional Award

Presented to Sydney M. Nicholls, who participated in and made significant contributions to interprofessional initiatives.

Merck Manual Award for Academic Excellence

Presented to Elizabeth L. Kernodle, Brice A. Laney, and Amy R. Miller, for outstanding scholastic achievement in pharmacy studies. Sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc.

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award

Presented to Lane O. Brown, Lucy A. Evans, Emily W. Harvey, Chloe E. McGee, and Yasmeen Sabree, who demonstrated outstanding scholastic qualities and received the highest GPA.

Outstanding Student Leadership Award

Presented to Nikki Chen, who demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities throughout their time at the College of Pharmacy. Sponsored by Phi Lambda Sigma.

Professionalism Award

Presented to Mojibola A. Awe and Anna R. Cooke, who demonstrated exemplary professional behavior, integrity, compassion and respect while representing the College of Pharmacy.

VIATRIS™ Excellence in Pharmacy Award

Presented to Morgan D. Carhart, who demonstrated high professional motivation with proficiency in drug information services. Sponsored by VIATRIS™.

U.S. Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award

Presented to Thuy Kieu, who demonstrated commitment to public health and the pharmacy profession. Sponsored by the United States Public Health Service.

Student Ambassador of the Year

CharLeigh Steverson

Student Ambassador Awards

Nikki Chen and CharLeigh J. Steverson, Platinum Level
Carlton Edwards and Courtney Feagin, Gold Level
Mojibola A. Awe, Bronze Level


Graduate Students

Selected for recognition by the College of Pharmacy Honors and Awards Committee

Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year

Zachary Stryker

James Plaxco Jr. Scholarship Award

Abagail Cirincione

Charles Yandell Award

Abby Davies

Daniel Li-Chang Wang Scholarship Award

Xiangxiang Jiang

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Macie Goodman. Sponsored by the USC Graduate School.

Outstanding Community Engagement Award

Sarah Davis. Sponsored by the USC Graduate School.


Pharm.D. Students

Presented at the College of Pharmacy P3 Spring Banquet, April 19, 2024

Student Organization Service Award

Presented to the American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) at USC for the exceptional voluntary contributions that student members of this organization made within the community.

Kappa Epsilon Service Award

Presented to Leah Moreau, Class of 2025, who demonstrated exemplary service within a variety of community outreach activities. Sponsored by the USC KE Chapter.

Phi Lambda Sigma "JAM UP" Award

Presented to Allison Thorman, Class of 2025, who exemplified what it means to lead regardless of leadership titles. Sponsored by the USC PLS Chapter.

Theresa Smith Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Student of the Year Award

Presented to Emely Adame-Ramirez, Class of 2027, who achieved the highest GPA in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry.


Faculty, Staff and Mentors

Presented at the College of Pharmacy P3 Spring Banquet, April 19, 2024

Teacher of the Year (P1)

Presented to Douglas Pittman, who excelled in teaching, established rapport with the students and modeled professional characteristics as chosen by this year’s P1 class.

Teacher of the Year (P2)

Presented to Brie Dunn, who excelled in teaching, established rapport with the students and modeled professional characteristics as chosen by this year’s P2 class.

Teacher of the Year (P3)

Presented to Jennifer Clements, who excelled in teaching, established rapport with the students and modeled professional characteristics as chosen by this year’s P3 class.

Ms. Diane Wise Award

Presented to Angela Whitlock for their dedication and actions that exceed expectations to allow for student success, as identified by the student body.  

Outstanding Mentor Award

Presented to Nicole Bookstaver, ‘09, Prisma Health, and Ismaeel Yunusa, USC College of Pharmacy, who served as role models and advisors, contributing significantly to the professional development of students outside of the classroom environment through mentoring activities.

Presented at the Faculty & Staff Awards Celebration, May 8, 2024

Distinguished Service Award

Presented to Cori Fairchild and Julie Sease for extraordinary efforts to advance the education, mentoring and career development of our students, or other service contributions that enhance the reputation and overall mission of the college.

Emerging Researcher Award

Presented to Juan Francisco Leon for significant and outstanding contributions to the research mission of the college as a junior faculty member. 

Established Researcher Award

Presented to Eugenia Broude for demonstrating excellence in their field of expertise while making an outstanding contribution to the research mission of the college.

Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation Award

Presented to Reagan Barfield and Brandon Bookstaver for engagement in entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation above and beyond their faculty or staff job description. 


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All awards are sponsored by the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy unless otherwise denoted.

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