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Saturdays in Barnwell

Dr. Thomas Hébert is working with educators from Hampton, Colleton, Barnwell and Jasper counties.

Hébert is teaching a graduate course entitled Cognitive and Affective Aspects of the Gifted (EDEX 740) five Saturdays this semester to educators who are working towards their certification in gifted and talented education.  Hébert commutes to Barnwell County where he meets face-to-face with his class from 8:30 a.m-4:00 p.m. This is a College of Education outreach initiative lead by Hébert to help educators obtain certification in gifted and talented education that is mandated by the state.

These educators are asked to investigate instructional approaches and counseling strategies to address the unique relationship between cognitive abilities and affective needs of advanced learners. In this course, Hébert has focused on issues specific to gifted children from underserved populations and low-income backgrounds.

The course content focuses on a variety of factors that influence the intellectual, social and emotional development of gifted and talented young people and how they influence their learning experiences.

Roster of Teachers enrolled in the course and their respective school districts (counties):

Ruth Benson, Hampton County

Becky Broderick, Colleton County

Stephanie Carroll, Hampton County

Julia Chapman, Jasper County

Brannon Collins, Barnwell County

Carolyn Dalton, Colleton County

Julia Ferguson, Barnwell County

Shirley Guinyard, Barnwell County

Lynell Holmes, Hampton County

Christa Horton, Barnwell

Holly Hughes, Colleton County

Vicki Jacobi, Hampton County

Robin Mabry, Colleton County

Stacey McCollum, Barnwell County

Vanessa Lee Mitchell, Barnwell County

Jena Moncheck, Barnwell County

Carla Moore, Barnwell County

Barbara Moomey, Hampton County

Angie Morris, Barnwell County

Supreethi Mukthipudi, Barnwell County

Brandy Noll, Hampton County

Anita Padgett, Hampton County

Betsy Portune, Barnwell County

Brenda Scruggs, Barnwell County

Daphne Still, Barnwell County

Robin Taylor, Hampton County

Thomas Taylor, Barnwell County

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