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College of Education

SC TEACHER releases top 10 data findings across the past year of educator pipeline research, showing stable teacher retention rates and more.

Each month, SC TEACHER releases a new report on one of their key focus areas. This month, as FY24 comes to a close, they’ve compiled an illustrative guide to the top 10 takeaways that stood out across the last year of research on teacher retention, working conditions, and more.

Access the report here:

What it is:

  • SC TEACHER’s top ten findings shed light on concerns around teacher retention, as well as the working conditions affecting teachers most and insights into new teacher experiences.  
  • The piece helps paint a broader picture of today’s educator experiences and the educator pipeline in South Carolina.
  • As illustrated in this piece, SC TEACHER is working to making research analysis more accessible and actionable through data visualization.

Why it matters:

Looking at research in conversation across SC TEACHER focus areas, state education leaders can better see patterns and trends in SC-centric data that could inform statewide policies and district practices.

Housed in the USC College of Education, SC TEACHER is a research consortium focused on South Carolina’s educator pipeline. The consortium is completing its second year of legislative funding and releases state-centric research every month.

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