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    A blog from the Gamecock Student Pharmacist Perspective

A World of Opportunity at USC

Pharmacy has been a huge interest in my academic career since it was covered in my 'Project Lead The Way' Biomedical Sciences class during junior year of high school. I knew I wanted to do something with pharmaceuticals in my future and the University of South Carolina opened that door for me.

When I came to USC, I had no idea how at home I would feel in the College of Pharmacy. From the extraordinary professors and academic advisors to the tight-knit clubs and opportunities for students, there is so much to learn and explore.

The USC College of Pharmacy community strives for their students to succeed and gives countless opportunities for them to do just that ... 

As a freshman at USC, there are tons of new experiences and journeys available to you from the beginning - and you can choose where you want to belong. The College of Pharmacy offers so many different opportunities for every type of student in the Pre-Pharmacy program.

I chose to take 'PHAR 401: Introduction to Pharmacy in the U.S.' during my second semester to dive even deeper into the pharmacy world and expand my knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences, but it doesn’t stop there. Every week pharmacy students receive emails from our Pre-Professional Studies director Kristi Kinslow informing us about the upcoming events happening at the College of Pharmacy.

Some exciting student organizations that are offered for undergraduates include the Carolina Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students (CAPPS), which provides immersion into the profession as well as shadowing experience, volunteering, and more, and the USC chapter of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) which is the nation’s largest student pharmacist organization with over 30,000 student members worldwide.

Outside of clubs, there are many more chances to get out there and gain knowledge and experience - working off-campus as a pharmacy technician, joining a pharmacy fraternity, attending lectures from professionals in the pharmaceutical world, participating in research and development of new medications, and so much more.

The College of Pharmacy community strives for their students to succeed and gives countless opportunities for them to do just that. I have met some of my all-time favorite people in the pharmacy program and I look forward to my future years in pharmacy school. The Gamecock Pharmacy community is one I am proud to be a part of and I highly encourage anyone searching for an exceptional pharmacy program to come to the University of South Carolina.

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