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Seeking out new experiences can be both frightening and fruitful

Entering my P3 year was something that I had dreaded since the beginning of my journey in pharmacy school.

After completing two years of undergraduate studies and two years of pharmacy school on the university's main campus in Columbia, being a pharmacy student at USC was the largest contributing factor to my identity.

Prior to starting pharmacy school, however, I had impulsively decided to commit to spending my P3 year on the Greenville satellite campus. As time passed and I grew comfortable with my Columbia environment, I realized this maybe was not something I wanted to move forward with anymore.

Time grew closer and closer to August 2022, while I grew less and less fond of the idea of moving away. It felt like I was losing a part of myself by no longer being on the Columbia campus. By June, I knew I had to give up this fearful thinking about the commitment I had made and find a place to live in Greenville.

That first month I spent in my little house in a new city, meeting tons of new people, was when I finally saw that I had made the best possible decision for myself and my career. Though I had a great experiences and enlightening opportunities in Columbia, I have found a real home in Greenville and feel more passionate about pharmacy than I had felt in my previous four years of college combined.

Though I had a great experiences and enlightening opportunities in Columbia, I have found a real home in Greenville ...

I spend my days being class president of a great cohort of students, alongside other health professional students in the very same building, who have ending up becoming my closest friends. I now work at Greenville Memorial Hospital, with an amazing staff that focuses on learning and growth in the workplace. In my time off, I explore the endlessly beautiful city of Greenville by going on hikes, trying out diverse restaurants, and visiting the unique small businesses that fill the downtown area.

I think it is incredibly important, especially in the pharmacy field, to be open to new experiences that may scare you. As someone who is always willing to try new things, even I was scared for this opportunity, but it ended up changing my identity as a pharmacy student for the better and enhancing my pursuit of a fruitful future.

Whether it is Columbia, Greenville, or wherever you have the option to spend your days, I urge everyone to find “your place” where you can fully live out your passions to the largest capacity.

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