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The Best of Both Worlds at USC

I’m an out-of-state student from Atlanta, Georgia. And yes, I do mean Atlanta. I came to USC for the GPA program as well as the South Carolina Honors College, the top honors college in the nation. Since moving from Atlanta to start my collegiate journey at USC, I’ve made Columbia my new home. 

My first few weeks on campus showed me that various branches of the university can and will cater to the diverse identities of students on campus. I appreciate the work that others before me have put in so that our generation of scholars can have these resources. I value this contribution so much that I want to add to the progress. My desire is to provide future students with the tools that I wish I had. 

This passion led to my pursuit of leadership opportunities. I grew as a leader by working closely with two student organizations, the Black Honors Caucus and the Carolina Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students. These two student organizations support the basic levels of my identity. I became president of CAPPS for the 2020-21 school year, and I have been the president of BHC since the Fall of 2021. Now in the Pharm.D. program, I am the Student Government Association president-elect for the College of Pharmacy.

My leadership roles have shown me how important it is to uplift others. I might feel ordinary on most occasions, but my words and actions mean something, especially to those who would like to be where I am.

My leadership roles have shown me how important it is to uplift others. I might feel ordinary on most occasions, but my words and actions mean something...

Group of Black Honors Caucus student leaders

Similarly, I’ve also grown from experiences of outreach through both colleges. My favorite experiences have been related to recruitment of prospective students. 

I enjoyed promoting and aiding the inaugural Minority Honors Alumni and Prospective Student Homecoming Reception in 2021. The second annual event was held this October, where I talked with students about senior year of high school and what it is like to transition into college. 

I have helped similar events for the College of Pharmacy. Admitted Students Day is great because students come ready with questions. Though, I make sure to say, it is okay to not know the things you don’t know. College is a new experience. This may be the first time that students have the power to shape their life in the way they want it to be. If you have passion, you can accomplish many things!

Some may ask, “How do you do it all?” The answer I say is to pick your battles and to know when to just smile and wave. I mean that in the sense that you should invest most in what you truly care about. 

School can be overwhelming but do what you can to enjoy it. Support your peers. Showing up benefits everyone involved. I’m well-rounded because of the benefits I’ve experienced through the Honors College and the College of Pharmacy at USC. The experiences I’ve had have shown me that I can be of value to my community.

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