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Information for Faculty and Staff

SJMC Ground Rules

The SJMC affirms the following ground rules as a framework to ensure wide, open and thoughtful dialogue. The rules are to promote understanding, not necessarily to agree on outcomes. Everyone is responsible for enforcing the ground rules.

Listen actively.

Be mindful of others experiences that aren’t your own.

Don’t shut down.

Speak one at a time.

Make space for others.

Suspend judgment until everyone has been heard.

While disagreeing or debating, focus comments on the facts.

Treat everyone’s ideas with respect.

While generating ideas, withhold debate and criticism.

Be open to new ideas.

Focus on solutions.

Be an advocate for others.

Don’t lecture.

Focus on what is possible, not what is wrong.

Be direct.

Articulate hidden assumptions.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.