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CIC Human Resources

Who Does What?

This page provides you with a list of duties and primary responsibilities for staff in the CIC, SJMC and iSchool. 

College of Information and Communications

Description: The Associate Dean will work with college and school leadership to facilitate the development of programs, policies, and practices to promote critical understanding of diversity and equity issues across the college, local community, state, and nation.  

Primary duties: 

  • Implement systems, processes, and other infrastructure to support, encourage and promote all CIC/SJMC/iSchool diversity and inclusion strategies and goals 
  • Serve as CIC representative to the Council of Academic Diversity Officers  
  • Advise Dean and Directors on strategies, benchmarks, policies and best practices and problem resolution  
  • Work with college and school leaders, faculty, and staff to improve and ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion among constituents 
  • Work with school directors on diversity matters that relate to accreditation standards and reaccreditation. Supervise the maintenance of diversity data and records related to reaccreditation 
  • Work with existing diversity and inclusion committees in SJMC and SLIS to develop initiatives and promote a climate where faculty, staff and students are encouraged to share their thoughts regarding diversity 
  • Assist faculty, staff, and students in receiving training and resources, to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives 
  • Work with CIC career services manager to encourage diversity among industry partners. 
  • Develop, implement, and manage initiatives that enhance recruitment, retention and success of staff, faculty and students, with emphasis on opportunities for women and underrepresented groups 
  • Develop relationships in the broader community—including industry and organizational partners—that align with the college’s vision for equity and inclusion 
  • Seek external funding through grants and gifts for programs and services that promote a diverse and inclusive community 

Description: Tasked with increasing research activity within schools and across the college external support and publication. Specific position accountability's include responsibility to:  

Primary duties: 

  • Manage research infrastructure: labs, resources, grant support personnel  
  • Set, track, and meet measurable research goals for the college 
  • Liaison with research leadership at the university  
  • Create, optimize, and manage a proposal process for faculty  
  • Identify experts to assist faculty in revising grant proposals  
  • Mentor and provide resources for untenured faculty  
  • Foster interdisciplinary research partnerships  
  • Assist in nominating faculty for all internal and external research awards 
  • Develop and update college research policies  
  • Work with directors, other associate deans, and assistant deans  
  • Serve on Executive Leadership Team, Senior Leadership Team, and research committees 

Description: Tasked with encouraging and recommending curricular and program innovation across the college at undergraduate and graduate level. Specific position accountabilities include responsibility to: 

Primary duties: 

  • Serve on Executive Leadership Team, Senior Leadership Team, and school curriculum committees 
  • Scan national programs and employment trends  
  • Advise Dean on deploying college instructional budget  
  • Develop and update college teaching policies 
  • Work with school directors, other associate deans, and assistant deans 
  • College liaison with university academic leadership   
  • Oversee study abroad and domestic field study  
  • Oversee international partnerships  
  • Oversee Honors College, OYT, CTE, Leadership with Distinction  
  • Assist with accreditation  
  • Assist with nominating faculty for internal and external teaching and community engagement awards 
  • Oversee CIC APPS process 
  • Oversee curricular and instructional matters  

Description: Primary contact for undergraduate student advisement, orientation, scholarships career services, and graduate recruitment. Supervises undergraduate student services manager, career services manager and manager of student recruitment.  

Primary duties: 

  • Advisement 
  • Scholarships 
  • Career Services 
  • Graduation  
  • Recruitment 
  • Admissions 
  • Orientation 

Description: Responsible for all administrative and financial services which include performance, supervision and verification of tasks related to business and financial affairs, human resources; facilities; technology; contracts and grants; and support and assessment and accreditation reporting.  

Primary duties: 

  • Submit reports for the budget office and provost office  
  • Equipment purchases and upgrades 
  • Facilities 
  • Budgets 
  • Contracts 
  • USC and Educational Foundation accounts 

Description: Responsible for all actions related to staff/faculty employment, e.g., position description creation and revisions, bonus and other salary adjustment requests, dual compensation, termination forms, job requisitions, etc.  

  • Primary duties:  
  • Faculty/staff hires  
  • Maintain faculty/staff personnel files  
  • College liaison for Central HR and Payroll  
  • Develop and update CIC policies and procedures 
  • Subject matter expert for HCM PeopleSoft, PeopleAdmin, Time and Absence Management  
  • Employee Relations support/liaison for the CIC  
  • Manage annual EPMS reviews 
  • Provide oversight to CIC Student Hire Representatives  

Description: Advances the mission of the college and assists the Dean and Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance.  

Primary duties:  

  • Journal Entries  
  • Budget Transfers  
  • Budget Reporting  
  • Project Management  
  • Purchasing  
  • SACSCOC Liaison 

Description: Advances the mission of the college by raising philanthropic support from alumni, friends, and industry professionals. 

Primary duties:  

  • Connect with alumni and prospects to solicit and steward major gifts support for the college 
  • Regular visits with alumni and prospects  
  • Manage development staff and activities for the college 

Description: Assist the Director of Development, Assistant Director of Development, Associate Dean of Research, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Responsible for administrative tasks for the CIC Dean’s Office.  

Primary duties:  

  • Assist Senior Director of Development and Assistant Director of Development 
  • Travel Coordination  
  • Monitor/develop/track gift agreements, travel planning, donor outreach, monthly gift reporting and scholarships  
  • Central Development liaison  
  • Dean’s Leadership Council liaison  
  • Assist CIC Associate Deans  
  • APPS submissions  
  • Data management/reporting  
  • Meeting and event logistics  
  • CIC Dean’s Office administrative support 

Description: Advances the mission of the college by raising philanthropic support from alumni, friends, industry professionals and corporations whose interests align with the goals of the college. 

  • Primary duties:  
  • Connect with alumni and prospects within a donor/prospect portfolio 
  • Assist with creating and implementing alumni and donor programs and events 
  • Conduct regular visits with alumni and prospects 
  • Develop and oversee stewardship strategies for assigned donors 
  • Assist with supporting and managing special events and outreach initiatives 


Description: Assists CIC faculty with the grant pre- and post-award process. Assists the Director of Special Projects, Associate Dean of Research, Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance, and the Dean with special projects.   

Primary duties:  

  • Grants administrator – pre- and post-award phases 
  • Prepare budget reports and other budget related duties  
  • Serve as purchasing card liaison – advise, verify, and approve monthly statements 
  • Assist with special projects as needed 
  • Travel and purchase approval  
  • Time and effort and SAQ compliance reports   

Description: Provides support in the advancement of the college. Works primarily in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Responsible for the daily support and maintenance of technology for faculty and staff, e.g., purchase of computers and software, installation of computers and software, repair and troubleshooting of computer equipment, maintenance of AV equipment, servers, telephones, lecterns, projectors, etc. Responsible for building maintenance, working with USC Facilities, janitorial staff and vendors to keep the building functioning, making repairs when needed. Helps maintain building security via security cameras and the Carolina Card system. 

Primary duties: 

  • Technology support 
  • Building support 
  • Troubleshoot and repair of Mac and Windows computers and laptops 
  • Installation of software on faculty, staff and College lab computers 
  • Tech equipment acquisition and management of software licenses 
  • Management of servers and network storage  
  • Procurement of online services and supplies for faculty and staff 
  • Coordinate with tech staff in seeking cost-efficient solutions for the College 


Description: Assist Pierre D’Autel in managing Information Technologies for the College 

Primary duties:  

  • Keep all computers up to date with software and hardware. 
  • Manage and update all printers 
  • Take pictures and shoot video for the college as needed 
  • Coordinate Skype calls for classes 


Description: Advances the mission of the college and provides assistance to the faculty and staff. Responsible for maintaining and exploring future IT needs and college. Provides both front-end and back-end support and creation of requested WordPress websites. 

Primary duties:  

  • Assist School of Library and Information Science faculty and staff with IT needs 
  • Consult on IT purchases and equipment upgrades 
  • Maintain virtual web server for classroom and research-related websites  
  • Maintain websites located on remote virtual server 


Description: Advances the mission of the college through the strategic creation and dissemination of communications content. Responsible for the website, social media, and print and digital materials, as well as promotion of the college’s initiatives, faculty research, accomplishments, and events, to both internal and external audiences. 

Primary duties:  

  • Assist the CIC dean with special projects/initiatives 
  • Oversee the CIC website and other marketing efforts 
  • Manage the CIC’s print and digital publications 
  • Write and edit news content and features 
  • Serve as a liaison to the university’s central communications team 
  • Coordinate with media to promote research, faculty expertise and other accomplishments 
  • Ensures that all communications materials disseminated by the college adhere to the university’s branding and support its mission 


Description: Advances the mission of the college through visual marketing and design. In charge of all design and branding for the college including but not limited to event promotion, social media, digital signage, special projects, etc. Promotes the college both internally and externally through video coverage of events and on social media. 

Primary duties:  

  • Assist the communications manager with special projects/initiatives 
  • Design college marketing, event, and print materials 
  • Cover events via video and photo 
  • Help webmaster with the CIC website maintenance 
  • Monitor college/school social media accounts 
  • Ensure all communication materials are building the CIC and USC brand 
  • Serve as the primary backup for all executive communications functions 


Description: Supports the management and operations of alumni relations and donor stewardship through alumni engagement programming, donor stewardship processes, special event planning and volunteer management for the college. 

Primary duties:  

  • Direct the stewardship program for donor/prospect portfolios for the college 
  • Create and implement alumni and donor programs and events 
  • Develop and oversee stewardship strategies for assigned donors 
  • Support and manage special events and outreach initiatives 
  • Support and manage volunteer initiatives 


Description: Advances the mission of the college by assisting in content creation and publication on the college’s website – the most read publication the CIC has. This includes content for both the marketing and the internal site. 

Primary duties:  

  • Update currently existing pages 
  • Create and post new content, including news articles 
  • Create and edit graphics and images 
  • Support the marketing efforts of the communications team 
  • Create and maintain JotForms for the website and as needed elsewhere 
  • Serve as a resource and administrator of the Carolina News and Reporter website and other websites deemed vital to the college 
  • Serves as liaison to the USC Web Communications team in implementing web strategies using best practices 

Description: Manage the day-to-day functions of the CIC’s Student Services office. This position also serves as an academic advisor and will counsel and advise undergraduate students pertaining to academic planning and progression, study abroad, engagement on campus, leadership opportunities and career pathways. 

Primary duties:  

  • Manage Student Services office 
  • Advise students 
  • Act as liaison between students and leadership 
  • Provide data and other information to necessary decision-makers 
  • Track and communicate needs of student body 

Description: Works with undergraduate CIC students in an array of areas (advisement, study abroad, personal issue referrals, etc.). Responsibilities include administration of CIC student probation program, athlete liaison and NCAA athlete certification, change of major process, evaluation of courses from other institutions, represent College at recruitment events and host information sessions for prospective students. 

Primary duties:  

  • Advise/assist undergraduate students 
  • Provide support for Student Services office and Assistant Dean of Student Services 

Description: Academic advisor to all undergraduate students. Provides appropriate and necessary student services for the CIC’s Student Services office. Counsels and advises undergraduate students pertaining to academic planning and progression, study abroad, engagement on campus, leadership opportunities and career pathways. Communicates and meets regularly with students and possesses a working knowledge of the college curriculum, university policy and campus resources. 

Primary Duties:  

  • Advise CIC undergraduate students  
  • Assist with Change of Major Sessions  
  • Assist with Freshman and Transfer Orientations 

Description: Initial contact person for the CIC Student Services office (in person and via telephone). Responsible for providing excellent customer service to meet the administrative needs of students and other visitors, manage phones and accurately route calls. Performs general office duties such as scheduling appointments, assisting students with check-in for advising appointments, assisting visitors, and materials preparation for the office. Ensures that students are given proper paperwork and have appropriate signatures on paperwork. Maintains confidentiality as required by FERPA.  

Primary duties:  

  • Student Services administrative/clerical duties   
  • Change of Grades forms, make-up of “I” forms, etc. (getting signatures, sending to appropriate office) 
  • Registration Exception forms  
  • Assign advisors in the system (Student Services Manager makes the initial assignment) 
  • Independent Study forms and registration, JOUR 598 overrides, get section/CRN number for each independent study and work with faculty on needs of CRN etc. 
  • SLIS JOUR 594 Independent Study overrides etc.  
  • Course overrides  
  • Overrides for Special Topic classes and courses with restrictions 
  • Many other course overrides for our SJMC/iSchool students and our minor classes restrictions etc.  for SJMC JOUR 499 classes 
  • iSchool and SJMC internship overrides 
  • Meet and greet all students, parents, faculty, and USC visitors 
  • Answer questions from parents, students, and general calls 
  • Check students in, make student appointments with advisors 
  • Maintain strong connection with university resources and serve as student affairs liaison to the offices including University Registrar and Bursar’s Office 

Description: Advise public relations, visual communications, and mass communications students regarding their academic and degree progression. Also serve as an advocate when students deal with crisis or need additional support.  

Primary duties:  

  • Primary contact for tours (high school, prospective students, and athletics) 
  • Events coordinator (Welcome Wednesday, CIC Family Weekend Reception, etc.) 

Description: Advises first-year students in public relations, advertising, mass communications and visual communications on course selection. Confidentially reviews students’ academic records and has discussions with advisees to make informed recommendations.  

Primary duties: 

  • Discuss academic concerns with student advisee 
  • Provide resources to students in need of personal or academic aid 

Description:  Advises first-year students in broadcast journalism, journalism, and information science on course selection. Advises all first-year transfer students in all CIC majors on course selection. Meets with students to discuss academic and personal concerns. Shares resources with students to aid in their transition to the university. 

Primary duties:  

  • Advise students for following semester 
  • Discuss academic/personal concerns with students 

Description: Advances the mission of the college and provides assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in gaining professional experience and in their job search. Responsible for all actions related to employer relations and career services for students, i.e., shares internship/job opportunities with faculty and students, plans career events to facilitate connections between employers and students, helps students prepare for internships and jobs, supervises JOUR 597 internship course.  

Primary duties:  

  • Plan career events, including career fair, and student preparation workshops on resumes, interviewing, LinkedIn, finding an internship, etc. 
  • Provide career advising to both graduate and undergraduate students on a variety of topics including resume critiques, assessment inventories referrals, mock interviews, job and internship search techniques 
  • Develop a repository of career development resources which are regularly shared with students 
  • Facilitate new connections with employers in major cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, D.C. and New York 
  • Nurture and maintain relationships with local employers 

Description: Manages recruitment for the graduate programs of iSchool and SJMC. Creates a recruitment strategy to meet the two schools’ enrollment goals and acts as a representative for the college at recruiting events both on and off campus.  

Primary duties:  

  • Plan and conduct recruitment activities for graduate programs in the CIC 
  • Attend educational conferences, schools and USC events to promote graduate programs 
  • Create recruitment materials in print, electronic and web formats 
  • Liaise with faculty, staff, and alumni to effectively market graduate programs 
  • Maintain records for prospective graduate students and applicants 
  • Process graduate applications for admission and provide materials for admissions committee 

Description: Recruit undergraduate students for the College’s undergraduate academic programs and provide appropriate and necessary support for student services for the CIC’s Office of Student Services. This includes creating an executing a recruitment strategy to meet enrollment goals. 

Primary duties:  

  • Work with Dean’s Ambassadors, advisors, as recruitment liaison for CIC committees and events 
  • Assist and support Graduate Recruiter 
  • Serve as campus and community recruiter for the College’s undergraduate majors and minors  
  • Develop and manage innovative programs to attract students  
  • Manage on-campus tours and all prospective student/parent visits  
  • Off-campus recruitment  
  • Work with college leadership to recruit from technical colleges and system 2-year schools 

Description: Serves the students, staff and faculty of the college and the university to provide information and training related to social media analytics and social analytics insights. Responsible for all training and class sessions in the lab, from the basics of what social media listening is and how it works, to the more complicated process of social media data collection and analysis. Crimson Hexagon is the primary social media listening tool used in the lab, but Park is also well versed in other analytics tools and their application across communications and journalism fields. Provides quick insights on a social trend, advertising and promotional assistance, comparative social analysis, and advanced analysis of larger social and sociological digital developments. Also, provides academic research assistance for faculty members. 

Primary duties: 

  • Provide class presentations on social media listening and provide demos for students, faculty, and staff 
  • Provide briefings for local businesses and agencies on application of the lab’s tools 
  • Generate and compile regular reports on social, political, and business-related trends 
  • Offer student and faculty research assistance, projects, reports 
  • Offer formal Crimson Hexagon training sessions 

Description:Analyze and produce reports on social media trends for academic and external clients for the USC Social Media Insights Lab. 

  • Primary duties: 
  • Analyze social media trends/data for reporting to university and external clients  
  • Write reports based on social media trend analysis  
  • Develop and present reports/ trainings  
  • Support and assist faculty, students, and classes with learning to use Brandwatch 


School of Information Science

Description: Coordinates and performs administrative and human resources support for the Director of the School of Information Sciences. Coordinates events and maintains the daily operations in Davis College.  

Primary duties:  

  • Payment requests 
  • Human resources support for iSchool  
  • Scholarships 
  • Travel 
  • Event coordination 
  • Director’s schedule  

Description:  Manages and promotes the SCCCL collection, maintains and cultivates relationships with publishers, coordinates book donations, develops and provides continuing education and programming for iSchool and SCCCL, promotes iSchool programs at conferences and other professional meetings, assists as needed with grant writing and research for iSchool and SCCCL, and performs other duties relating to day-to-day center operations.  

Primary duties:  

  • Assist SCCCL Director 
  • Continuing Education development and implementation 
  • SCCCL collection management 

Description: Serves as liaison between iSchool Student Services office and iSchool faculty. Advises School Library track students in the master’s, certificate, and specialist degree programs. Develops, plans, and conducts MLIS new student orientations as well as the iSchool graduation/hooding ceremony. Collects all internship applications for MLIS students. Also works with COE and helps coordinate all school library internship placements in school districts. Maintains databases and student records.  

Primary duties:  

  • Advises School Library-track graduate students 
  • Student records 
  • Internships 
  • Grade change forms 
  • MLIS orientation 
  • MLIS, SLIS, CERT and PhD graduation 
  • Collect teaching certificates, TB test results and all programs of study 

Description: Plans, promotes, manages, and evaluate all operations and programs for the South Carolina Center for Community Literacy.  

Primary duties:  

  • Oversee Cocky’s Reading Express (CRE), including fundraising  
  • Manage staff and graduate assistants 
  • Create and advance of partnerships for SCCCL and CRE 
  • Represent SCCCL at conferences, committee meetings, college events and community organizations 
  • Maintain calendar for SCCCL space, promote CRE/SCCCL event on CIC/USC Calendar 
  • Design, approve and produce all promotional materials for the center 
  • Communicate with the building’s superintendent 

Description: Supports students as they earn their graduate degree in the School of Information Science. Leads a team of advisors to support, review and enhance the graduate programs. Works closely with the university’s Graduate School to ensure compliance with university policy and works to ensure continued accreditation with the American Library Association, CAEP and SACS. 

Primary duties: 

  • Lead and manage Student Services staff for iSchool graduate program(s) 
  • Graduate student/assistantship hires  
  • Maintain student academic records for advising degree progression and graduation 
  • Maintain and submit accurate reporting for accreditation 
  • Serve as liaison between students, iSchool faculty and the Graduate School 
  • Manage iSchool Student Services including course scheduling to meet college minimums, maximize faculty assignments, and create a 2-year course rotation 
  • Designs and coordinates short-term and long-term planning for iSchool Student Services and works with iSchool Director to develop school strategy 
  • Contribute to research, teaching, and service goals of iSchool by coordinating with committee chairs of program committees and serving on various committees as needed 
  • Scheduling iSchool courses each semester, including any required paperwork for course approvals, course delivery methods, coordinating with the Registrar to finalize the schedule each semester 
  • Working with committee chairs of program committees and the iSchool Director to develop school strategy, developing policies and procedures for the iSchool’s undergraduate and graduate programs 


School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Description: Reporting to the director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, the administrative manager oversees and coordinates administrative support services for the director and the school’s administrative office.  

Primary duties:  

  • Assist the SJMC Director 
  • Hire SJMC undergraduate and graduate students  
  • Scheduling 
  • SJMC special projects 
  • Taking faculty meeting minutes 
  • Administrative/clerical duties  
  • Payment requests 
  • Organizing faculty, student and non-USC employee travel  
  • Faculty/staff expense reports 
  • Ordering office supplies 
  • Entering and delivering deposits (study abroad, equipment repairs, etc.)  
  • Parking  
  • Maintain relationships with other departments on campus 
  • SJMC scholarships 
  • SJMC events 
  • APPs Entries for SJMC 

Description: Directs the state (South Carolina Scholastic Press Association – SCSPA) and regional (Southern Interscholastic Press Association – SIPA) scholastic media organizations. Responsible for all educational opportunities for middle and high school students and advisers within those organizations. Provides evaluative and competition services for media programs. Maintains communication – web, social media, email and physical mail – with secondary schools across the Southeast for optimal educational value.  

Primary duties:  

  • Plan and execute state and regional educational conventions and conferences 
  • Manage relationships with high school teachers and students 
  • Outreach and recruitment across the Southeast 
  • Maintain and balance budgets for organizations 
  • Update website and social media platforms 

Description: Responsible for the implementation and upkeep of the video and photo equipment.  

Primary Duties: 

  • Broadcast engineer for TV Studio and the school broadcast 
  • Maintain the equipment that student’s checkout for classes 
  • Research and purchase the equipment that will keep the classes current with the most up-to-date photo and video equipment 

Description: Oversees the entire range of student services, from admissions through graduation, for the SJMC graduate programs. Handles student grievances and similarly significant personal issues. Responsible for managing graduate financial aid activities. Responsible for developing and implementing initiatives and for establishing best practices to ensure that students persist to the completion of their programs. 

Primary duties:  

  • Assist the SJMC Graduate Director  
  • Manage and process internal financial aid awards, including scholarships, fellowships, and tuition supplements 
  • Supervise the preparation of each semester's course schedule 
  • Manage course enrollment  
  • Staff liaison to the Graduate School and International Student Services 
  • Secondary advisor for all SJMC graduate students 
  • Maintain graduate programs internal server and all graduate student records  
  • Prepare graduation clearances 
  • Proctor comprehensive exams 
  • Oversee operations of the Graduate Suite 
  • Coordinate graduate events 
  • Manage onboarding process for all new students  
  • Assist the Recruiting Manager and MMC Coordinator as needed 

Description:  Manages all content that runs on the SJMC digital sign system and oversees the day-to-day schedule and operation of the Kennedy Greenhouse Studio. 

Primary duties:  

  • Maintain all equipment housed within the Kennedy Greenhouse Studio  
  • Maintain all “back of the house” digital sign equipment and software 
  • Teach students how to use the equipment housed within the Kennedy Greenhouse Studio  
  • Manage and assist with the day-to-day events in the Greenhouse Studio 
  • Assist the senior broadcast students with their daily live weather reports from the Greenhouse  
  • Create and upload digital signs as requested for college  
  • Reserve studio time in the Kennedy Greenhouse Studio  
  • Upload digital signs to display in the building 
  • Digital sign system technical issues 



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