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  • About the visual communications major

Visual Communications

Students in the visual communications major will prepare to work as art directors, graphic designers and webmasters in agencies, nonprofits and corporations.  Others are photojournalists for a variety of print and broadcast media.  Your classes will focus on advanced design, writing, media law and ethics, photojournalism, information graphics and portfolio production.

Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions

Visual communications majors will take a variety of courses including Carolina Core, SJMC core courses, major specific courses and courses to fulfill minor or cognate requirements. See the current year Undergraduate Studies Bulletin for the complete outline of all the visual communications degree course requirements and regulations. It also contains course descriptions, as well as learning outcomes for the major.  Archived Bulletins are also online.

In order to stay on track towards graduation, the university offers an online program "DegreeWorks." DegreeWorks, which is accessible in Self Service Carolina, is kind of like your personal automated advisor because it displays the coursework you have already taken and shows how and where it applies to your major and/or minor requirements.  It also allows you to hypothetically change majors or minors to see how changes would impact your expected graduation date. 

Please note:
DegreeWorks is only available for students  who enrolled in Fall 2014 or later.

If you started at USC before Fall 2014, please see your assigned academic advisor for specifics regarding your degree plan.

Capstone Experience

As you enter your final semester you will learn advanced techniques of graphic and multimedia design and their application to problem-solving situations in the mass media. You will develop your portfolio which will allow you to showcase your work in three unique ways — a printed book, a website and responsively for tablet platforms.

Your Capstone Experience will include the following course:

JOUR 560 - Capstone Portfolio Development

The visual communications major consists of three courses that prepare you for your Capstone Experience.  Those prerequisite courses include: 

Other courses required for the visual communications major include:

Sequence Head

Dr. Tara Mortensen is the head of the visual communications sequence and helps make decisions about course scheduling and content. 

Contact Us

If you have questions about this major or your sequence progression, please contact your assigned academic advisor.

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